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Ann Mond Johnson has spent her career developing consumer facing businesses and inspiring innovative services for consumers. In her course “The Future of Health Care Consumerism- A look to 2014” Ann will examine how recent legislation, changing market trends, and the empowered consumer movement will impact consumerism in the coming year. Her case studies examine how cost transparency, health technology retail, and employer wellness programs have generated a new consumer market and how you and your business can succeed in the changing landscape.
Bob Rogers Big Data Master Class - One Time Only! Thursday September 19th 2pm PT/5pm ET $25 Description: In this presentation, Bob Rogers will demonstrate the potential value of Big Data to healthcare organizations with two very timely use cases: Risk Assessment in the Affordable Care Act: When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) takes effect in January, 2014, it will profoundly change the landscape of the healthcare business. One key element of the ACA is the requirement that risk scores, based on conditions documented in the clinical record, be computed for entire populations of insured patients. Unfortunately, more than 63% of the key clinical information in a healthcare system is missing from the coded data in the EHR and can only be found in text and scanned documents. Healthcare provider organizations are using Big Data analytics to extract the required information from documents to power risk assessment and other applications such as quality reporting, population management and proactive real-time alerting. Big Data in Pharma: Recent exciting results show that Big Data analytical techniques can be effectively used to analyze the clinical data for large numbers of patients (including both structured data and textual documents such as encounter notes, consult letters and discharge summaries) to reveal new facts about drugs. Specifically, adverse events can be seen in the data, as well as safety and effectiveness of off-label drug usage. The implications of real-time monitoring of such patterns "in the wild," a true Big Data application, for pharmaceutical portfolio management and public safety are profound. These use cases will provide participants with a context for understanding some of the more important technical aspects of Big Data. Learning Objectives 1. Highlight the importance of unstructured data to healthcare organizations. 2. Understand how Big Data can surface information that is crucial to healthcare. 3. Identify which Big Data technologies support key use cases, and why.