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We will meet as a group to work on any issue that you come up with. The class will not be videoed
Mukta Jarden
Spirituality > Meditation
Start: Nov 19, 2019 at 01:00 am EST
Let's get together and Meditate. Remove stress and worries and get open to the Fourth State of Consciousness.
Who is Merlin? King of the Bards, powerful wizard or mentor to a king? Merlin is a mysterious character in the Arthurian legend of Camelot and the round table. His guidance helped Arthur become a great king while protecting the magical lands of the Dragons. With the return of magic next year the energy of wizards raises again and this mentor and protector steps forward to help guide you now. Class includes a guided meditation to meet Merlin, channeled messages and recorded to view anytime. Come learn more about this magical spirit guide and how you can unlock the magic within yourself.
Katie Bressack HHC
Health & Wellness
Start: Nov 20, 2019 at 04:00 pm EST
Learn how to really enjoy the holidays this year without feeling guilty about that extra slice of pumpkin pie. She will show you how to keep your stress levels low and your body feeling healthy and energized all season long!
CALLING is a vision quest with your life! This is the opening material for the online Calling element I am bringing to Learn It Live this Summer and Autumn. CALLING is a short visionary shamanic programme designed to connect you even more deeply with the calling you hold within and set you off on a month's visit quest with your life. By opening you to the nature world and the season of Autumn through to Winter, a movement towards the calling of the earth and everything in it is reached. The programme includes introductory material that focuses you on the unfolding journey, a programme of 4 week's tasks and welcomes individual feed back. There is a 90 minute class on 27 October followed by a 90 minute class on 24 November and one 70 minute individual session to be arranged 1:1. The course coaches you with nature and presence through to the heart of your individual calling and helps to understand, clear and transform blocks and difficulties. Carol Day is a trained counsellor, artist, constellation therapist, teacher and shamanic operator whose passion is supporting and freeing creative flow and listening to the essential nature of everyone and everything. She produces excellent results in enabling the emergence and path of those she works with.
If you are feeling stuck and challenged by your mindset, emotional and wellness goals or if you are struggling to figure out your life purpose and are ready to find a deep sense of meaning in your life come and ask the Tarot with me... I help you recognize what the actual blocks are and then we have a look at the guidance that comes through for you in order to create a plan of action to get you from where you are to where you wish to be with grace and ease. These Ask the Tarot sessions will help you to: * Be more consciously aware of and work with your own intuitive nature * Recognize the difference between your intuition and limiting beliefs * Strengthen and develop the connection between your head and heart * Learn how important meditation and raising your spiritual vibe is * Develop your own reception of intuitive information through the your senses I use the Tarot as a psychological tool and am passionate about helping people recognize it in that regard - so there will also be a focus on educating and inspiring you to tap into and recognize your unique way of receiving intuition, insights and guidance. These sessions are for you if you are: * ready to take a journey of personal and spiritual growth and learn how I best receive intuitive information and insights for you * ready to develop and work with your intuition with more certainty, clarity, and confidence. * ready to create positive changes in all areas of your life and to create a solid foundation for developing your spiritual capacity. You can join the special Facebook Group to ask your question or get further clarification on the insights you receive... please go to :
How a download from my Guidance taught me about the Three Natures and the importance of knowing from which I am acting from. The understanding of these aspects of Oneness brings an approach to living with cancer into a higher lifestyle perspective. Our Divine Evolution is Oneness, Unity, Wholeness : The Human Nature, The Spiritual Nature and The Divine Nature, unified. These Channels totally reconfigured how I related to God as I journey through stage 4 cancer. This is a prerequisite for the on-line cancer support group coming in 2020
Are you curious to learn more about spirit communication, the afterlife or mediumship? In this class, you will learn to reconnect with the Spirit World and will learn many different ways to understand and communicate successfully with a guide, angel or passed loved one! Intuitive medium, Emanuelle McIntosh, will go into depth on how to clean your own energy field and stay in a energy frequency that supports spiritual connections. This daily cleansing will help you to maintain the communication open and flowing. Together you will go over spirit communications 101, she will do a guided meditation to help you meet your spiritual team and loved ones and teach you the basics in clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsensitive communication with your guides and loved ones, including your pets! This live session will be recorded and will be continiously accessible at your convenience to all those who sign up for the class even if you were not present during the live session.
What is the definition of Operational Excellence and why is it important? What are the six pillars of Operational Excellence and what do they consist of? This course provides a pragmatic overview of Operational Excellence by examining specific criteria for Excellence on these six pillars.
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Learn 5 simple fatigue-fighters that will instantly boost your mood and energy. Stop feeling tired and start feeling more energized.
Join me for 12 Days of Meditation. This will be a live meditation with others from around the world. Each meditation will be a little different and build on the previous session. Our goal is to make simple and build your practice whether you are new to meditation or an avid meditator.
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This webinar provides you with an introduction to Lean Management and explains step-by-step how to develop a Value Stream Map of a manufacturing or business process. A Value Stream Map is a Lean Management technique used to analyze the flow of materials and information currently required to bring a product or service to an internal or external customer. The goal of Value Stream Mapping is to identify opportunities to improve process efficiency and reduce the end-to-end lead time of a process by highlighting sources of waste. The webinar will cover the following topics: 1. The History of Lean Management 2. The Five Lean Management Principles 3. The Seven Lean Wastes 4. Value Stream Mapping - Definitions & Benefits 5. Value Stream Mapping - A Step-by-Step Process The duration of this webinar is about 3 hours. Note: After you have signed up for the webinar, you will receive a pdf copy of the training material from us.
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