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Dixie Joffrion
Start: Dec 01, 2020 at 06:30 pm EST
Yin yoga is a slow, relaxing experience that allows your mind and body to let go of your day. All levels will enjoy this quiet escape.
This meditation guides you on how to name your ego. Ego is present for many reasons. Sometimes it thinks it can prevent us from stepping out and getting hurt. If we're operating from fear, we're most likely operating from ego. By naming the ego, often it allows us to recognize it sooner so we can separate ourselves from it when we choose to. If it jumps up while you're practicing meditation, reiki, spiritual development, etc., learn how to recognize it so you can release it. Class will be recorded Live.
with Anne G angel Tuesdays 7 – 9 pm Eight Week Certification Class. Start any Tuesday $25 each The Angel Intuitive Card classes are ( 8 classes for a certificate )each course will be designed in such a way that a the classes can be taken in any order and students can begin at any point in the course rotation. We all have amazing gifts and intuition And we all have many beautiful angels guiding us on our spiritual path. Let me help you shine and tap into your gifts and reveal the angel in you. Angel cards are beautiful cards that can help us connect with the angelic realm and higher spirit. They will teach you how to trust your intuition and will guide you and give you encouragement along your divine path. They will also help you tap into the beautiful angelic realm and will help you to read angel cards clearly and with confidence. She will also teach you how to protect your beautiful energy so you don’t over extend your energy, maintaining balance and mindfulness. fun exercises will include incorporating crystals and healing oils into your readings. Questions? [email protected] Testimonial: I completed Anne Gangel’s Angel Card class recently. I attended in-person and over Zoom. I had a wonderful experience. I wanted to highly recommend her and the class. I learned so much from her. Each class was different and interesting. But always inspiring and uplifting. She is an amazing teacher and a very gifted intuitive reader. She treated each student with compassion and kindness. Her class really helped me develop my intuition. I learned so much from her and can now read Angel Cards well as a result of taking it. It was really a magical learning experience. Just wanted to share that with you! Thank you. Best regards, Sheila For the past 8 weeks I have taken the Angel Card Reading course from Anne Gangel and all I can say is WOW…She is fantastic. Every class has been informative and insightful, she has really helped me establish and open up my inner spirituality, I always had intentions for this type of openness, however with her guidance and support, Ive been able to really tap into my inner “light worker” self. Ive been giving accurate readings not only in homework but with actual clients who have hired me for intuitive card readings..I would not have had the confidence to the had it not been for Anne. She is a gift and I look forward to many more classes from her. ~Michael D. Jones Ann and her card readings are absolutely the best! I’ve gone to see her more times than I can remember and every single time she nails it! I plan on seeing her again in the future, no doubt about it. I would highly recommend! Five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ~ Crystal S. _______________________________________ Ann’e, is a true Angelic treasure, an unconditional helper, holistic healer, who has a pure heart of gold. She has gifted me with magical insights, guiding lights, and golden messages from our beloved spirits, ones that have inspired new possibilities from love within me. I highly endorse Ann’e, an amazing Angel Card channeler, to bless you with her special connection within our universe. Even if you are skeptical, she may provide a fresh perspective, and guide you in ways to enhance and optimize your present, future, or life path destiny. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for you are one of few beautiful lights that have touched me deploy in my lifetime that I hold in such high regard! ~ Helena
Manifesting From Your Soul Code As you unplug from your daily routines, there is an opening and an opportunity to recognize what’s truly meaningful in your life. What no longer fits? What wants to emerge? Join us for a deep dive into accessing your Soul Code – that which is indelibly etched upon your soul – your true calling in this life. From this place you unleash the tremendous power to manifest without resistance. As an Intuitive Guide, I specialize in getting to the core of what’s holding you back, clearing old mental patterns and instigating change that moves you forward in whatever area you feel stuck. I work on both immediate concerns such as making important decisions, resolving conflicts, as well as long term goals such as discovering your life’s purpose or soul code. I’ve studied with Sufi Masters, Eastern Mystics, worked privately with Louise Hay and Michael Bernard Beckwith, combining these teachings into my own brand of self-development. I’d love to help you move forward.
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Start your day off right by hydrating your connective tissue and taking some time to center yourself.
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Heather Says
Health & Wellness
Next: Dec 02, 2020 at 11:00 am EST
Are you new to the hoop? Are you restarting your hoop journey? Then this is the class series for you! We will be going through all the basics of on and off body hooping. What do you need? A larger, heavier hoop (36" and up) for on body, and a smaller, lighter one for off body. Even a kids hoop from a big box store will work for off body moves in this class series. Here is a link with more information on hoop types and sizes.
This class will be trance channeled by me along with Grace, a spiritual counselor, whose wise, and insightful energy is always welcome in my teachings! Grace will present a class all about 3 Manifestation Techniques and how to use your clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsensitivity when manifesting. She is looking forward to the opportunity to have the chance to share this important information from a spirit guide's point of view! Live participants will be able to type their questions about the class material in the chat thread. Off-topic questions will not be answered during this class. This class will be recorded. You can purchase the recording at any time and watch as many times as you like! These messages from Spirit are timeless.
In this session you'll meet live with a LiL team member and review the functionality of the platform and virtual classroom. It's a great opportunity to learn new ideas and tricks for your virtual sessions. Also, it's an ideal opportunity to ask questions about the technology or Learn It Live in general. Join us!
Beth Cornell
Co-Creating Reality > Techniques for..
Start: Dec 02, 2020 at 02:00 pm EST
Would you like to learn how to bring your thoughts into reality? I am not talking about a secret or magical thinking. With Life Mapping in a few short weeks of working with your own subconscious mind through the use of a visual map (that you will make), you will tap into and re-write your deeper programming allowing for future possibilities to arise. There are many benefits such as stress reduction, deeper creativity, creation of healty habits, and more. If you find yourself in a place of confusion or lack the skills to forge ahead, consider this class an excellent starting point! This class will prepare you for the year 2021, why wait? Start NOW! No prior skills necessary. This class will involve some craft / art making, but again, all levels are welcome. Because of the nature of this instruction, this class will not be available by recording through the end of this year (2020). Participants are welcome to attend live of by recording for any of the (4) sessions.
Happy December Everyone! Let's play this week with our props. Grab your wheel, your blocks, straps and feet up trainer and let's hit the mat. Let's end this year with some fun. Dance, Dance Dance!
Energy is everything. Stress is a huge factor in our lives especially this year. We can hold it in our muscles as physical pain. We can feel heightened emotions, fear, worry, overwhelm. We can start to overreact, making mountains out of molehills. It can start to affect our digestion, not eating properly and not sleeping well. The energy work helps balance our nervous system and rebalance our Life force energy. We get connected to our bodies on a whole other level.
Sara Fox
Yoga > Vinyasa
Start: Dec 02, 2020 at 06:30 pm EST
In this class we will move with our breath to create a moving meditation. The spine is the focus, and we will move the spine in ALL of the directions it is meant to be moved. Modifications will be offered, allowing you to create the class that your body needs today. Each class will offer a warm-up, the ability to generate heat in the body, and will build strength, flexibility, and endurance of both body and mind.
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