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Thu Sep 10 at 08:00 pm EDT
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Thursdays 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST

Continues 3 consecutive Thursdays Sept 3rd, 10th & 17th

Each week a topic will be discussed, meditation & tools to manifest.

* Learn to understand the sixth sense and develop it.
* Comprehend how to trust it and let it guide you.
* Use it consciously to manifest your desires.
* Heighten your senses.
* Manage emotions
* Stop "negative" cycles
* Set personal & professional goals

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$120/ $45 pay per session
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    Thu Sep 10 at 08:00 pm EDT
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The Power of 3 - Intuitive Development for Manifestation
60 Minute Session
Thu Sep 10 at 07:00 pm EDT
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Beth Lynch, Intuitive Consultant, Medium and Founder of Inner Light Teaching, offers more than mediumship in her gatherings. She shares the power of understanding the relationship between the Spirit (relationship with God) and Self (personality). As a child, Lynch's sensitivity to thoughts and feelings confused and at times terrified her. Fast forward 30 years of curiosity, faith and healing it is now her passion and purpose - to help others understand intuition, healing, thoughts and the power of love. The death of both parents in a short period of time made her face the depths of loss and the process of healing grief. In the learning and healing process, the understanding of death also became clear. The truth transformed sensitivity into strength. In turn her intuitive gifts and abilities were clearly about helping her but also to help others. Living a life committed to meditation, higher awareness and personal healing her sensitivity to the Spiritual realm became natural and helping others was inevitable. She feels blessed to help others connect to those crossed as well as intuitively guide them to a place of higher understanding in their own journey. She has been practicing meditation and alternative methods to healing and higher awareness for 20 years and knows first hand the importance of balancing a spiritual practice, motherhood and career. She has founded the Inner Light Awareness and Practitioner Program and is passionate about teaching meditation to all ages. She volunteers in her communities to teach and share meditation and wisdom. Beth truly feels life experiences will be our greatest opportunity to learn and our greatest teacher. Embracing all roles in life as a mother, woman and intuitive she feels is a blessing and hopes to help others recognize the privilege of life. The understanding that we are energy, we are One, is important to hold in our minds and hearts for survival in our world today. She embraces all roles as woman, mother, author and teacher, and knows the energy to balance comes from the commitment to the relationship one has with the Divine.
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