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Are you aware of a part of your life where you feel stuck emotionally? Maybe you can’t stop feeling overwhelmed at work, you lack self confidence in relationships, you often feel anxious or depressed, or you feel a heavy weight when it comes to finances? In this powerful visualization, we will go through an exercise that will help unlock these stuck fears and emotions, which can allow you to move forward and live the fully joyous life that you know deep down you were meant to live.
Rosa Santana
Start: Apr 20, 2021 at 07:00 pm EDT
Join Rosa on a 4-week journey of Self-discovery through the art and science of Iyengar Yoga. Discover your strengths and nourish your weaknesses with yoga as a guide. Improve your balance and calm your mind. Experience the healing art with an experienced and caring teacher as your guide. Modifications will be taught for various levels of experience. Start the year with yoga (and Rosa!) brightening your path.
A seven-week, highly participatory series of 90-minute webinars that will allow you to ease some of the stress and trauma weight you have accumulated over time as a consequence of your encounters with issues of race and racism. Within these seven webinars, you will learn why we have a concept of race, and there will be time to ask all of the questions you have not been comfortable asking in the past. Lesson 1 - The why of race and racism, Lesson 2: How race and racism were systematized, Lesson 3 - The science of race and racism, Lesson 4 - Racism in the 21st Century versus the 20th Century and before, Lesson 5 - Racism and language, Lesson 6 - The consequences of racism, Lesson 7 - Freedom from attachments
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Kai Shanti
Health & Wellness
Start: Apr 20, 2021 at 07:00 pm EDT
A Shaktipat Immersion is a time when we will experience the Kundalini’s Grace. It will open us up to the higher dimensions of light so that we can allow ourselves to fully open to the channels of light within. If there is a fear of the Kundalini energy, sit back, relax and ask yourself if you are open to experiencing your own grace. It won’t hurt you or harm you if you are open to the fullest grace within you. This is the divine energy of grace. It is open to the highest expression of love. We will experience this grace according to your openness and acceptance at this time. Accept the energy of grace and allow yourself to become the true being of light that you are, always have been, and always will be.
This is worth discussing, brought up by Sunita in the last class, because a lot of people wonder it.” How do I really know it’s my intuition talking back when I try to summon it at will? What if it’s just my imagination making up what I want to hear?” We’ll also discuss the role of relevance, harmonics, and magnetism in accessing intuition. And from a lot of practice, how I’ve noticed the intuition functions and its role, and what it takes to no longer have that question about the inner voice. Something I learned from the last class and feedback - it is a great side benefit of LearnItLive to get feedback from learners - leads me to update the processes I use online, so I might try some new intuition--accessing protocols. We should get some earthy answers if people have questions... the Sun goes into Taurus today! Live clairvoyant and tarot at the end.
Craig Martin
Next: Apr 20, 2021 at 09:00 pm EDT
The Tarot is an ancient art for divination and self-discovery. It is the mysticism of the ages hidden in a common deck of symbolic pictures. Each card represents a piece of the puzzle-solving the mysteries of life. Besides being an incredible guide in decision-making processes, an invaluable gift for self-realization and spiritual awareness. In this class, you will learn the full 78 cards of the Tarot and how to read them. Join, Dr. Craig Martin, Sage of Stars, and discover the power and enlightenment that is possible by learning the Tarot. Please Note: You will want to bring a Tarot deck to class with you and a journal to write in. We'll be using the Rider-Waite Tarot and that is recommended, but you can bring any deck you like. Also, the book, A Complete Guide to the Tarot, by Eden Gray is recommended but not required.
In this session you'll meet live with a LiL team member and review the functionality of the platform and virtual classroom. It's a great opportunity to learn new ideas and tricks for your virtual sessions. Also, it's an ideal opportunity to ask questions about the technology or Learn It Live in general. Join us!
Andrea Beaman
Start: Apr 21, 2021 at 12:30 pm EDT
Candida Albicans is the helpful yeast that thrive in a healthy gut, assisting in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Unfortunately, for millions of people, sometimes this normally cooperative fungus surges out of control and digests ALL of our nutrients for its own survival. This leaves us filled with toxic waste, exhausted and susceptible to many ailments (poor immunity, skin rashes, digestive disorders, brain fog, etc.). Many Candida protocols fail because they focus on killing the yeast. Successfully healing Candida is a two-fold process: we need to weaken the yeast (not kill it entirely) and strengthen the ileocecal valve during the process. Join this fun cooking demonstration, where you will learn to heal candida with foods, herbal remedies, and daily lifestyle changes.
Root down to Rise up! Let's get well. Here's this week Wellness Bundle.
Deepen your spiritual awareness by developing skills facilitating your transformation! Energy Healing, Ancestral Clearing, Past Lives. These are the Foundation protocols for mining the Records and enjoying the benefits of this work. Experience the aliveness that can come through you as a result of your relationship with the Records. Topics Covered in this Class: -Energy Healing: Principles and Protocols for effective engagement in the Records -Clearing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns: Find peace with your family of origin and release obstacles your magnificence -Past Lives: Make peace with who you have been in other times and places Note from Linda: Practitioner Certification and Advanced Practitioner Certification offers an elegant, effective way for you to support others spiritually, and nurture yourself at the same time! Reading the Records for others blesses both parties with Light and Grace. Through my groundbreaking Pathway Prayer Process, an Akashic Records reading offers a beautiful clarity, allowing a person to see beyond old ideas and walls of confusion and misunderstanding -- and to deeply know essential, eternal truths.
Tap into Mother Earth energy. I'll guide you on how to bring this beautiful, grounding energy up into your body, clear out the old, stagnant energy and blockages, and down into Earth to be transmuted. Feel lighter. Be brighter.
*The Approaching Trance Channeling series Part 1 is a prerequisite for registration for Part 2* The Approaching Trance Channeling series with Jamie Butler will consist of two 8 week sections of live, virtual classes once per week. These one-hour classes are designed to assist the participants in becoming comfortable with creating personal intents, cleaning the energetic body, meeting their spirit team, embracing their unique spiritual abilities, and much more. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments through the live chat thread. Each class will have exercises/ homework to be completed throughout the week. The at-home practice will help solidify the lessons taught throughout the series. This way, not only are the classes informative, but also support a lot of outside practice, so at the end of it all, you will be comfortable with trance channeling. All classes will be recorded and be able to view again and again. The cost for the full 16 class series is $590 which will be broken down into two payments of $295, one for each 8-week section. Part one is listed below & part two begins on March 18. Part Two Class 9: Know Your Sensitivities and How to Use Them A. What is your strongest psychic ability? B. How can you best apply them to channeling? C. How can they support you in sharing physical space with spirit? Homework: Journal with aromatherapy and crystals Class 10: How to Stay in Trance State: The Art of Disconnecting in a Conscious State A. Discover how to create detachment in a healthy way B. The void is your new healing space C. Removing your traditional 5 senses Homework: Arms up at night Class 11: Kundalini Movement A. Go through an active kundalini class B. Learn the top three movements to clear your energy to prep for channeling Homework: Home practice Class 12: Clean Your Mind, Body, Emotion, and Soul: The Four Roommates A. Mindfulness practice B. Emotional awareness/ intelligence C. Follow your own lead! Homework: Detoxing the four roommates Class 13: Practice Guidelines, Opening, Closing, and Recording. A. How to clear and create a space to work in B. Can you do remote channeling for others? C. To ritual or not? Homework: Create your session Class 14: Mono-tasking Your Life A. Using solo tasks to let the mind get sharp and allow the subconscious to run with it B. Three exercises to use to help hone your mono-task ability Homework: Monotasking Class 15: Delivering Authentic Messages A. What are messages? B. How do you play a role? C. It is your mouth and mind, right?? Homework: Careless and get out of the way techniques Class 16: Confidence in Your Craft A. How to hold space for others when they don’t understand you B. Being vulnerable is powerful C. You don’t need the approval to be yourself. Homework: Practice! In addition to the scheduled class time, The Approaching Trance Channeling Series will have 4 additional 1 hour Q & A sessions with Jamie. This time will give the participants extra opportunity to ask questions about their homework and share experiences with fellow students. The 4 extra sessions are included in the class price and all registered students will be sent a code to join. All sessions will be recorded. *The Content in this series is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
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