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Burnout is a real syndrome as classified by the World Health Organization. Due to the current epidemic, our workforce is experiencing "a great resignation." According to the latest statistics, 19% of surveyed workers left or rconsidered leaving a job in the last year: 27% of millennials and 31% of Gen Z have confirmed this as apposed to 13% of boomers. Join in this informative class to learn about the 3 dimensions of burnout, how to restore perasonal energy, and reduce empathic exhaustion. Photo [email protected]
Time to build confidence to change your life? Burn out old emotional patterns to allow you to transform? Looking to stimulate your creative abilities and energies with Intense, Precious and Sensual energy? Time to enter the Royal Gem World of Mandarin Garnet! You'll receive a powerful initiation into this marvelous vibration while learning ways to apply it to your everyday life. Increase your sensuality in love-making. Great for dancers, actors, writers and artists to stimulate creative, sensual energy.
Mary Haberski
Recorded: Sep 21, 2021 at 02:06 am EDT
Join globally acclaimed, celebrity yoga and meditation teach Mary Haberski AKA Shanti Kamal Kaur for a potent meditation practice that opens the flood gates of love. Kundalni yoga unlocks your latent human capabilities and teaches you to harness the power of your Kundalni energy of unlimited potential. WARNING: This meditation may produce miracles of the heart!
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Announcing: Fractal U: THE Fractal Field University www.FractalU.com in association with LearnItLive.com/FractalU Sponsored by FractalField.com - Dan Winter - and Implosion Group - - THE place the learn the science and universe sweeping broad practical applications of the new fractal field sciences- like BioActiveField.com We have the world's most compelling teaching team and teaching environment- right here- to learn the real new physics AND new physics of consciousness. Quantum function is always probablistic -(waves always do averaging) but the pure wave mechanics/ equations for how golden ratio fractality/self-similarity among waves specifically optimizes constructive interference - are very precise www.fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion . This solves the problem of constructive interference and thus solves the problem of compression /decompression - which is THE transformative mechanism - in EVERY field of science - computers. urban design, wave mechanics.. and - getting memory thru death.... actual key to alchemy.. isotope transitions .. fusion... bliss.. compassion.. are ALL about non-destructive compression. Einstein once defined gravity as infinite non-destructive compression.. now we know this is exaclty what phase conjugation by golden ratio IS: the perfect wave fractal and thus the perfected fractal field.
Judi Lynch is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Healing Energy Channel, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Author. Since 2007, Judi has worked with countless clients in the United States and around the World. A featured guest and host on radio, she has presented workshops on psychic development and energy healing. She is also currently working with others individually to heighten their abilities through study of the spiritual consciousness, vibrational energy channeling, ascension awareness and meditation. Judi is the President of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to healing and ascension awareness. She is a featured columnist for OM Times Magazine since their beginning in 2009. Receiving names, life themes, colors, future options, health information, conversations and channeled messages from loved ones, she communicates directly with Spirit Guides to assist others in their personal connections for optimum healing. She also facilitates in-person and distant Healing Light Energy Meditation Sessions to help in healing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Spiritual empowerment and connection are the focus of her work. Her book "Friends with Lights" is currently a five star favorite on Amazon and tells the true story of a miraculous awakening and ability. A follow up book entitled Conscious Ascension is also now available online. Judi is currently developing a comprehensive spiritual/metaphysical program for the mind, body & soul.
Greetings! My name is Maggie Chula. I am a Psychic Hypnotherapist, Channel for Source and Master Teacher of Akashic Wisdom. I work with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddess vibrations, and many other Akashic Master Teachers. My goal is to help share wisdom on how to expand your conscious understanding, we are all divine beings, part of the akashic vibration of Source. I can help you connect to the oneness of the Source vibration and dialogue with the many beings of light who make up your Council of Light. These beings are here to help you learn how to create your life in harmony with your Soul Wisdom and enjoy divine health and wellbeing here on Earth, right now.
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