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Tap into your Warrior-Self! Do you struggle with negative self-talk, low confidence, or hold onto the negative words of others? I'll walk you through how to tap into your warrior-self using imagery and chakras. Stand tall. Uncover the warrior inside you. Let her/him help destroy some of what has been holding you back in life.
Whether you are just beginning your artistic or creative journey, need help unblocking to get to the next level or just want to bring more creativity in your life as a mindful way to live, this complimentary webinar will introduce you to 10 simple steps help to unblock or unleash your inner creative. Topics include: -Addressing negative self-talk as a creative -Getting organized and creating space for creativity -Mindfulness practices to support your inner creative -How to stay accountable to your creative goals And more! At the end of the session you will have a solid plan to incorporate your creative desires into your life. About the Presenter: Sharon Burton is an artist, art curator, creative life advisor and reiki (level II) practioner and Founder of Spark Your Creative based in the Washington, DC area. She is a self-taught visual artist whose preferred medium is collage and mixed media and has exhibited her art in galleries, art venues and other settings across the country since 2007. Sharon has curated a number of art exhibitions in the Washington, DC area since 2006 and has served as an art consultant for novice art collectors. Since 2016, she has focused on helping people in "creative recovery"...those looking to revive or jump start their creativity through workshops, her blog and as the host of The Mindfully Creative Podcast which features artists and other creatives who are using their unique talents to create more mindful communities and a safer world. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Public Administration. She is a member of the Creativity Coaching Association and the International Expressive Arts Therapy Associaton. About Spark Your Creative: Spark Your Creative, a creativity advisory and expressive arts firm based in the Metro Washington, DC area! Spark Your Creative focuses on creativity coaching...for individuals initially who want to discover or reclaim their creative gifts. I am so excited to launch this dimension of my entrepreunerial efforts and hope that you will join me in this new and exciting journey of my professional life. Spark Your Creative was born out of the need to help others with their creativity. Spark Your Creative provides programs and services designed to help individuals regain confidence in their creative gifts through individual and group coaching programs. Services are provided to: Help you understand and push past the creative blocks that stand in the way of your projects. Inspire you to think bigger and work more productively to develop ideas and feelings into meaningful creative projects. Support you in overcoming your the doubts, fears, anxieties, and worries that so often hinder the creative mind. Listen, educate, and nourish your inner creative so that your work evolves and shines. Whether you are just beginning your artistic or creative journey, need help unblocking to get to the next level or just want to bring more creativity in your life as a mindful way to live, Spark Your Creative can help. Follow Spark Your Creative on these social media platforms to keep up to date on what is going on: Twitter: @Spark_Create Instagram: @SparkYourCreative
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Mukta Jarden
Spirituality > Meditation
Recorded: Apr 26, 2016 at 09:10 pm EDT
Join in for this wonderful and unique meditation experience. Through the practice of Transformation Meditation you can awaken your intuitive awareness, become clear, more productive and compassionate, and feel more joyful, peaceful and relaxed.
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Are you ready to remember who you really are? To awaken your gifts, know your Divine purpose and claim your power & birthright to live a joy-filled, magnificent life?! Janet Hensenne-Rosiak is a gifted intuitive, master healer, spiritual medium, channel to the mystical realms, and inspirational teacher & mentor whose life's work is dedicated to helping you do just that. With over 25 years of experience, Janet combines ancient and cutting edge techniques, quantum physics and spirituality, as well as her own intuitive gifts, as she helps guide individuals along their paths, finding their unique Magical Design & Map to opening & healing their hearts & souls, removing the blocks to true inner joy, and accessing their connection to Divine guidance and living an absolutely Sparkle-filled life! She is a Certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructor, Matrix Energetics® Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced Craniosacral Therapist and Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®. Her extensive training also includes areas such as Energy Medicine, Vibrational Repatterning, Acupressure, Crystal Healing, Chakra & Subtle Energy Work, Sound/Color/Movement. She has been very blessed and extremely fortunate to have trained with many international leaders in the healing world and the founders of various healing modalities. Her signature systems, "Awakening the Magic" & "JoyfulSpirit" services include Individual 1:1 & Group Mentorship/Coaching Programs, Divine Days, Spiritual Readings and a wide range of transformational workshops and certification classes. As a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Janet works with the angels, archangels, spirit guides and ascended masters to bring healing, insight, enlightenment and guidance to all areas of life. As a Spiritual Medium, through individual/group readings and speaking engagements/events, Janet provides evidence that we are so much more than just physical bodies and that our connection to loved ones is forever. She is also quite at home in the Faery, Mermaid & Dolphin realms, acting as a Light Bridge between them and this world for those who are called. Her greatest joy is assisting individuals in reclaiming the Magic & Divine Light that exists within each and every one of us...remembering that healing comes from within, and that everyone has the power to create miraculous changes in their lives, manifesting all that they dream and desire with Ease & Grace. Janet's clients and students come from all walks of life, spanning the globe from New Jersey, her home base, all the way to Japan - all with one intention - to find their way to a fulfilling, abundantly joyful, Spirit-filled life where Magic and Miracles are Real! Her private practice, Awakening the Magic, is located in Erial NJ, where she also lives with great joy and gratitude with her Prince Charming, Michael and their 3 furry "kids," Gandalf, Gwenhwyfar & Aurora.
Known as "America's Burnout Coach", J.D. has been coaching professionals on how to create lives and businesses they love since 1997. Her client list includes Academy & Grammy Winners, New York Times Best-Selling Authors, High-Profile Professionals and globally recognized companies like Samsung, US Bank and Dish Network. She even went through a burnout of her own, after 15 years as a high-profile entrepreneur and ended up walking away from a million dollar recording contract to preserve her well-being and originally created her Holistic Success methodology to help herself fly through burnout like a phoenix and ever since, she has been using The WildFlower Method of Holistic Success Method to help her students and clients be exceptional at their careers while having a life too. As an internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Life Coach, WildFlower, combines ancient wisdom with practical techniques that make sense for today's fast paced world. Also known as "The InnerSpirit Translator", her work helps people to discover and translate messages from their InnerSpirit to uncover their own Hidden Magic within and Empower themselves to create a meaningful and authentic life that they love. WildFlower is the founder of "WildFlower Institute", an online educational and coaching center dedicated to teaching people how to create lives they love through Life Coaching, Business Coaching, In Person Workshops across the globe, Online Courses, and through original TV and Radio shows. Combining her talents as a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Musician, Speaker, Author, Organic Marketing Executive and Graphic Artist, WildFlower creates inspiring products, facilitates life transforming events and hosts the TV show "Bridging The Gap" to bring you closer to your own Inspiration. "Bridging The Gap" is a TV show that "Bridges The Gap" between metaphysics, success and self-empowerment. To give you the tools and techniques to create the future you've always dreamed of, create your own reality, get more deeply connected to your Inner Spirit and become the success you've always known you are. WildFlower, the originator of a leading-edge music genre called Ethereal Dance, is currently recording her forthcoming album. The vocalist, songwriter and producer describes her sound as "Enigma meets Madonna -bewitching, utterly danceable and powerfully moving." Her first single, "Breathing" has received rave reviews as it speaks to the eternal nature of cycles throughout our lives.This album marks the collaboration of talent with music industry legends, including Grammy Award Winning Producer Barry Goldstein and Grammy Award Winning Vocalist, Lisa Fischer on background vocals. As an Organic Marketing Executive, she created "Sintilation Studios" in 1997, the world's first "Organic Marketing Agency", where she has created branding campaigns for Academy and Grammy Award winners as well as Super Models, New York Times Best Selling Authors and has inspired millions to achieve success in business and life.
Hollister Rand is an internationally renowned medium, known for her extraordinarily detailed work. Hollister's first book, "I'm Not Dead, I'm Different," was released by Harper Collins. Her second book, "Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife but Were Afraid to Ask," published by Beyond Words/Atria, is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her TV and radio appearances include Oxygen's Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, SiriusXM's "The Seance" with John Edward, "Coast to Coast" with George Noory, KOST FM's "Angels in Waiting," and KBIG FM's "Radio Medium." Hollister has presented seminars and workshops with leading researchers in afterlife science. She has also been a guest speaker at CUNY, where her book is included on the syllabus for History of Religion. Hollister has an active community on Facebook and can be followed on Twitter as well.
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