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Whether your relationship is new, old, or something in between, it's common to feel a bit disjointed as life gets busy. Here are science-backed ways to improve your connection to your partner and start to feel energized all over again.
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Giovanna Couillard
Love and Relationships > Dating
Recorded: Feb 17, 2016 at 08:30 pm EDT
Do you want to be in a serious committed relationship but you are having trouble even making it to a second date? It's time to get back to the basics and learn what you need to be doing to successfully date. Whether you are just getting back into the dating scene or have been in it for some time and just aren't finding success, Dating 101 in 2016 will help you learn what you should be doing in order to find true love. I will go over basic dating dos and don'ts, where to meet singles, and how to use today's technology to your advantage.
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Dina Colada
Recorded: Feb 15, 2016 at 09:30 pm EDT
What you will learn in the Dating With Passion Blueprint 1. Discover how Dina's Dating Therapy technique can help you heal. 2. The special chalkboard exercise will show you exactly what has been holding you back in love. 3. Exactly how to find the people that are on your vibrational love wavelength. 4. How to create passion in your life starting today to increase your vibrational love vibes! The universe has led you here for a specific purpose and that purpose is to Love. Love is inside you. Love is all around. Love is our legacy, your calling. Love is waiting. It's time to open the door to your heart so you can live your highest purpose, the highest vibration of New Love.
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Hi, My name is Dr. Elana Michelson and I am a single mom to six great kids. After I got divorced I had to find ways to heal myself while while caring for , raising and supporting my 6 amazing kids. During my healing journey I learned many techniques such as Faster EFT, NLP, Matrix Reimprinting and Mbraining to name a few, which helped me heal my past traumas, reduce the physical and emotional stress I experienced, get rid of my limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living my life to the fullest, and replace them with empowering beliefs that led me to where I am today and are continuing to lead me forward in the wonderful gift of life that I was given. I would like to share these techniques with you so that you can get the same benefits, and release your stress, traumas and limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs that will allow you to live the joyful life that is your birthright.
For over a decade, Jennifer has helped thousands of men and women find love, passion, deep intimacy and happiness in their lives and relationships, helping them heal codependency, addictions, depression anxiety and fears. Jennifer is an International expert on love. Jennifer's personal journey of healing and discovery from trauma in her childhood has taken her all around the world from Europe to India, Bali and all across the United States and Canada. From Master Gardener and owning her own Landscape Design and installation business, For Heaven Scapes, for eleven years, she is a fearless woman who has done it all. Women from around the world have found their love through Jennifer's coaching. Her amazing connection with the spiritual realms and intuitive gifts gives her the ability to see your core issues, quickly. Her guidance moves people out of their issue, by seeing the light at the end of the tunnel shifting perspective. When perspective shifts love is allowed to flow in, magnetizing love to you. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, certified love and passion coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer and mother of three. What her clients like the best about her is that she listens, is completely present, and is highly tuned in to The Divine and Universal which profoundly assists her clients with their process exactly where they are trying to get clarity. As a Scorpio, she unabashedly says she has enjoyed sexual expression. She assists women to find the Sacredness in Sex and men to understand our differences. Non-orgasmic into her 50's - Jennifer was guided to write Orgasm For Life to help educate men and women about our differences.
ANGELA AMBROSIA is a love and relationship coach with a deep affinity for women navigating unhealed hurts. She is certified as a life coach, relationship coach and spirituality coach by World Coach Institute, and is a certified Subconscious Rapid Transformation Practitioner, a technique of subconscious re-patterning that transforms a person's ability to create the relationship of their dreams. Adding to her gifts of insight and affinity are her certification as a teacher of meditation, and two decades-long expertise in dance and body movement. Her work with the energy body works on removing old habits of shame and replacing them with a new embodied connection to your soul and essence.
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