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Join co-authors, Kate Hanley and Ellen Barrett in this free and informative hour-long book talk about authentic women's wellness. You'll learn how to synchronize your workout, your diet and your overall lifestyle for weight loss, energy and vitality.
Presented by David Octavio Gandell Life Coach & 2 Time Cancer Survivor "The Health of a Corporation starts with YOU" This class is divided into several parts to create a holistic view at health. In the class, students will learn about and participate in discussions concerning the following subjects: Mental Health: Balancing your life & Emotional Stress Physical Health: Activity & Nutrition Spiritual Health: Overcoming Emotions & Controlling What You Can Intertwined with the curriculum is: 15 min on each subject & 5 min Q&A
Every once in a while, you meet a woman who is “just thin”, even though she seems to eat whatever she wants and isn’t all that dedicated to her workouts. We tend to assume her svelte figure is the result of “good genes” or a “fast metabolism”, thinking, it must be nice not to work so hard. Well, in this cutting edge class, wellness expert, Ellen Barrett, aims to inspire you towards The Way of the Skinny Woman, with seven life-changing tenets. Join us!
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I'm health and fitness pro, Ellen Barrett, and my goal is to inspire. With over 20 years in the biz, I've learned that with inspiration, you can drop the extra weight, get and stay healthy, and most importantly, be jazzed about life! Don't be bummed out about your body - love it through invigorated exercise, nourishing foods and positive thoughts.
DEL SROUFE has worked for six years as chef and co-owner of Wellness Forum Foods, a plant-based meal delivery and catering service that emphasizes healthy, minimally processed foods; produces a line of “in-the-bag mixes”; and offers cooking classes to the public. He has worked in vegan and vegetarian kitchens for 22 years, including spending time as a vegan personal chef. He lives, works, and cooks in Columbus, Ohio.
David Octavio Gandell is a Nationally Published Author, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker, and the breadth and wealth of David’s professional experience engages audiences. Although David’s background is primarily centered in the health and fitness industry, the broad expanse of his knowledge encompasses so much more than that. David is a nationally published writer for publications as diverse as Positive Impact, Kraven Magazine, Belleza y Mas Magazine, and Natural Muscle Magazine. As a two-time survivor of a type of cancer believed to be terminal, David’s inspirational life story makes him relatable and empathetic. Of course, the story itself is what is most life altering. David didn’t merely survive cancer and go on to live an unassuming life of anonymity and mediocrity. He utilized the opportunity to realign his existence so that he might live his life to its fullest potential. In doing so, he found that those to whom he relayed the message became inspired by his miraculous survival and by his life-affirming outlook. People began to seek David out for guidance, in order to share their own stories, or simply to talk. David’s apparently limitless generosity with his time and advice has earned him legions of friends and fans the world over. As a talk show host guest, David will be able to share his miraculous story so that others may be encouraged to live purpose filled lives and fulfill their true potential. The manner in which David survived cancer makes his life story fascinating, topical and inspiring; he would be a welcome and intriguing addition to any show featuring a host-guest interview format.
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