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Business Development & General Management
 22 yrs solid International management experience in General Management,Sales,Marketing & Business Development. Analytical,Observer & Good Listener.
 Independent & Proven Business Developer.
 Keen Interest in using Electronic Communication as a business tool.
 Experience in Market Feasibility studies,demand & Strategy assessment, Opportunity assessment,Preference analysis,consumer clustering.

Specialties: Excellent Business Development Skills & Strong Commercial background,Proven Track Record
Report writing on market trends.
Product & Brand development skills,including ground contracting
Working and Thinking Team & Proven Man-management skills
Effective Resource Utilization and Time management skills
Excellent Communication & Interpersonal ...See All
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Mon Nov 25 2013 at 10:30 am EDT
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Thu Aug 15 2013 at 07:40 am EDT
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Monday Feb 4, 2013
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Your employee's are working hard at increasing your bottom line and their social connections online at the same time. How do you inspire them to dedicate more of their energy to your company over their mobile devices? You inspire them to use both wisely and GAIN more than just a job well done at work. Beyond financial incentives, challenges and competition - real inspiration comes from within. That is true of every human being. Join this workshop to discover how you can find and trigger that inspiration in all employees and dramatically change your bottom line without taking anything away from anyone starting immediately!
This workshop teaches the participants the procedures and choices available when facing a problem. The participants learn how to empower themselves by taking control of the situation; moving from being a victim to becoming accountable. Accountability is explained and the options one can exercise will be described. The instructor cites examples for the 3 options when facing a problem: *Taking an action *Managing your attitude *Leaving the situation Groups are provided with industry appropriate scenarios and resolve them employing the accountability strategies taught.
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This lively session unveils the five secrets to understanding others that most people aren�t aware of in their relationships. Based on Beverly�s internationally bestselling book, the session will share five actionable ways to learn more about yourself and your communication approach, and will teach you how to shift your communication to be more effective with others.
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Larry Mohl is the CEO of Jamstir, Inc. and a founding principal of Performance Inspired, Inc. Larry started his career as an engineer in communications systems research, product development, and engineering management at Motorola, Inc. He became an early leader in corporate social networking by pioneering “Communities of Practice” as the head of Knowledge Management at Motorola University. After helping to re-vitalize Motorola’s Personal Communications Sector as the head of leadership, learning, and performance, Larry served as the Chief Learning Officer for The American Express Company and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. In these roles he led innovative company-wide efforts in leadership development, learning, and talent management. Larry is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal best selling book “Networking is Dead: Making Connections that Matter”. He has been featured as the cover story in Chief Learning Officer Magazine and has appeared in Training Magazine, Talent Management Magazine, CIO Magazine, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. He is a sought after speaker and frequent expert panelist on a broad array of organizational topics. Larry holds three international patents and is an award winning professional musician and composer. His innovative work to use music as a tool in business helps corporations inspire higher levels of engagement, commitment, and brand advocacy.
I'm an experienced Leadership Consultant and Trainer, Speaker, Executive and Life Coach and author with 30+ years experience in developing leadership potential and empowerment, supporting people at individual or organizational level to develop confidence, leadership and people skills; empowering them to see themselves as the solution. I've also founded Recovering Workaholics. A serious ski accident in 1983, forced me to use a wheelchair. As the Head Teacher (Principle)of a large school I was unable to access most classrooms. I had to look at the bigger picture and develop innovative ways to motivate and engage staff so that they were self reliant, understood how to deliver excellence and take responsibility for their own performance. The approach was successful in maximizing both personal development and leadership potential. It's also why in the 20 years of leading the school, it was acknowledged as one of Ofsted's "Best Schools" twice and included on the HMI honours list as one of England's most successful schools and had a string of quality and kite marks. The approaches have proved just as successful in a wide range of business settings. Books include "Kick Start Your Career", "Manage Your Staff More Effectively" and "Chariots On Fire". www.ginagardinerassociates.co.uk www.recoveringworkaholics.com
Neil Ihde is a speaker, lecturer, consultant and founder of Life IQ®, where he motivates groups and individuals to work, play, relate and live intelligently. He has worked with numerous managers, directors, corporate leaders, and teams to improve their personal and professional effectiveness. Neil's list of Fortune 500 companies he has worked with includes Wal-Mart, Merrill Lynch, Pearson, and Gannett among others. Neil has also consulted internationally with clients from a dozen countries. He is the co-author of the book "When Would Now Be A Good Time?" and was recently a personality consultant to Woman's World magazine. Neil and his wife Deb have two children and live in Appleton, Wisconsin.
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