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Community Education Instructor
I teach classes in computer and writing and self-publishing. Thus far, I have ghost written 2 memoirs when were self-published.
dedicated to new writers searching for focus.
It is my belief that if you know your work will be published, then you will write and write.
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Amy Hayden
Health & Wellness > Stress Management
Ended: Jan 16, 2013 at 09:50 am EST
Join us as we destress and relax the body for healing! This is a simple, modified Tai Chi class for relaxation. No experience necessary, no special equipment, all fitness levels! Can even be done sitting!
Join our discussion and get empowered to change your health habits for good! Whether you are looking to lose weight, quit smoking, eat better, are coping with a chronic condition, or wish to live more mindfully, group wellness coaching can help you to achieve your goals. Click, connect, and change for good! Join us!
As a professional organizer, I’ve found that most people would be happier if they had clearer homes and bigger bank accounts. But instead, we have a nation of savers, who are afraid to throw things out, even when they most likely will never use the item ever again. The savers of the world are not only living with piles of clutter-induced stress, but they are losing the opportunity to turn those piles into cash. The problem is really simple: when it comes to clutter, people don’t act rationally. These aren’t hoarders who have serious psychological problems. These are regular people who just aren’t thinking logically when it comes to the items in their homes. In fact, they’re not thinking at all. They’re stuck. They have gotten to a point where their stuff has become a burden, a barrier, and something of a beast. In my line of work I’ve heard people describe the messier areas of their home as everything from, “the black hole” to “the room of shame.” Meanwhile, your need for money, especially in this economy is huge. You need to pay off credit card debt, build a better wardrobe, finance entertainment, get the kids through college, and of course, a healthy dose of gift giving and self-pampering. Why not? You work hard, you deserve to be able to afford a massage here and there, that flat screen T.V. to watch the games on, and to take the family on a fabulous vacation. So why are most people sitting at home, surrounded by never-ending piles of half-used stuff and stacks of unpaid bills, wishing they had the means to live an even slightly better life? What if that “room of shame” was actually an ATM in disguise? Find out the truth about how to clear out clutter and turn your "trash" to cash by joining my free hour long session!
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My passion is sharing strategies that empower people to make healthy lifestyle changes. Through whole foods and stress management we can heal the body and stay as healthy as possible. I provide Tai Chi Easy classes for organizations as well as workshops on Stress Management and Healthy Lifestyle Changes.
Edie Summers is a certified wellness coach and a wellness counselor. She teaches yoga (Mommy & Me, Pregnancy Yoga, and YogaFlow), children’s creative dance, and QiGong at the Beaverton Healing Center, where she also offers individual and group wellness coaching, and wellness counseling services. www.beavertonhealingcenter.com She has been involved in the fields of alternative and integrative health for over 18 years as a consultant, patient, advocate, writer, and coach. She is a freelance writer and currently writes for MindBodyGreen.com: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/wc/edie-summers I have experienced health challenges as well as supremely good health, and everything in between. I have a passion for health and I wish to continue to share it with others and empower people to realize the value of their own life and health. I have overcome many obstacles in my life including recovering from chronic illness and surviving domestic violence. I have achieved many of my lifelong goals including becoming a professional writer and dancer, and having my own coaching business. I continue to achieve goals I set for myself both personally and professionally by practicing what I recommend to my clients each and every day. Never give up on yourself. You are worth it. I specialize in coaching and empowering people who are seeking to change their health for good. I also offer coaching or counseling for people who have CFS or other chronic conditions. You can visit my wellness counseling website here: http://wellnesscounseling.co/ I give natural food store tours and coach you on diet and exercise programs. I will assist you in whichever way you need to get and stay on a healthy course of living. My book, The Memory of Health, on my experience with chronic fatigue & chronic illness will be out shortly.
Organization expert Lisa Zaslow has never forgotten what she learned as a 10-year-old Girl Scout: Leave every place better than you found it. Lisa spent 15 years working in management consulting and corporate human resources, for companies including American Express, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, The New York Times and Citibank. Then, in 2000, armed with a Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, Lisa founded Gotham Organizers. Over the past 10 years, Lisa and her team have helped thousands of individuals and businesses be more productive, more organized and less stressed. Lisa's expertise is regularly featured in the media, on shows like Inside Edition, ABC News Now and The Nate Berkus show and her advice appears in publications including The New York Times, Real Simple, Entrepreneur, InStyle and many others. Get free organizing tips from Lisa at GothamOrganizers.com
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