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CEO Coach, Business Coach
Exceptionally skilled in marketing, sales, training and negotiating; the campaigns, strategies and solutions I’ve implemented have generated over $28 Million in revenue within a six year period.

Able to traverse both the Public and Private Sectors of Transportation, Municipalities, Education, Commercial, Retail, Civil Engineering and Construction, my twenty years of experience have helped me create a unique, strategic approach which allows me to identify the best place to invest my time in return for the greatest return of investment and resources.

This helps to save time and money while maximizing the profit potential for ...See All
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Have you ever had your “gods” collide—when your beliefs about God suddenly conflicted and went to war with one another? Pastor Tami’s beliefs collided the day she discovered an unspeakable act had been perpetrated on her small child while she ministered in another room. Her tirade began with an “HOW DARE YOU…” and ended with “If this is the way you treat your messengers, I QUIT!” Who do we turn to when our “all powerful” God appears to be limited and powerless – or His sovereignty seems to justify abusive behavior? Where do we go for “divine comfort” when the pain of our situation is being intensified by our disillusionment and anger towards God? Where can we hide when the “shelter of His arms” no longer feels like a safe place to be? Pastor Tami shares her story of pain and triumph in hopes that you, too, will find the courage to challenge the beliefs that separate or create distance between you and the Divine in you.