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TAG Discount Code: EKGZ3VAY According to CSO Insights, 86% of the value propositions salespeople present are basically going in one ear and out the other. That’s because they’re not connecting with what prospects really care about. What happens when you get the message right? Companies with world-class messaging had higher win rates, less price pressure, and 3x as many deals closed, according to a recent CSO Insights survey. In this session, you’ll learn how to: - Drill down to your real differentiators - Stop saying the same things your competitors are saying - Align your whole organization around a single message - Give people better reasons to do business with your brand - Transform your marketing communications and sales conversations About the presenter: John Reed For over 25 years, John has helped some of the world’s best-known brands, as well as some of its newest, communicate more effectively. John began his career as an advertising copywriter in England, writing about everything from fashion shoes to forklift trucks. He went on to work as a creative director for leading ad agencies in the U.S. before launching out on his own. John has taught at one of the South’s premier advertising schools and has spoken on marketing at home and abroad. Today, he leads the PitchMaps team in developing sales and marketing messaging for B2B companies that need to put their value into words. TAG Discount Code: EKGZ3VAY
TAG Discount Code: MFL2RNNT BlueWave Computing's Information Security Group is leading the charge in Chief Information Security Officer strategic initiatives. We can help you formulate an information security strategy and apply it regardless of the size of your business. We can help answer questions like: What to do first? What is most important? What to do next? Why do anything at all? Our session will cover the following topics: 1. What are the business drivers? 2. What motivates the hacking community and why is that important? 3. Where to get started to understand your risk? 4. Is the sky really falling or is this manageable – what to do next? 5. What are my education and training options?
TAG Member Discount Code: M2QE3UL7 This presentation covers some of the leading NoSQL and Big Data offerings and explains why these new technologies are relevant to Business Intelligence professionals. The content is not a deep dive into technology, rather, a survey of the different categories and potential application to different use cases. The primary objective is to cut through the hype and explain why you, the Business Intelligence Professional, should care about NoSQL and Big Data. Tim Eck Bio Mr. Eck is a Senior IT Consultant with more than 20 years of industry and consulting experience. He has implemented and managed large scale Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions in Health Care, Financial, Retail, and State and Local Government. Mr. Eck is a consultant for SEI Atlanta, LLC – A Systems Evolution Company (www.sysev.com). You can connect with him on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/pub/tim-eck/0/5b5/6bb/.
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The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) is a leading technology industry association dedicated to the promotion and economic advancement of the state’s technology industry. TAG provides leadership in driving initiatives in the areas of policy, capital, education and giving, and also brings the technology community together through events, initiative programs and networking opportunities. TAG serves as an umbrella organization for 27 affinity groups, or societies, including Women in Technology (WIT). Additionally, TAG’s charitable arm, the TAG Education Collaborative, is focused on helping science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives thrive. For more information visit the TAG website at www.tagonline.org or TAG’s community website at www.TAGthink.com.
Diane Randall, MA iWhole Living Consultant, inspiring Wellness Teacher and host of the internationally acclaimed podcast, Balanced Living for Busy Professionals. Diane works alongside busy professionals teaching inner tools and strategies to help them create the life they truly love.
Ronit is passionate to heal many wounded soul, offer them an opportunity to turn their pain into their purpose. She did exactly that as she overcome depression and discover that her life were not in alignment with her soul truth. The path of healing was revealed to Ronit as she had followed the yellow brick road to seek her own soul truth. Her road signs where the geographical magazines she read as a child that uncovers her passion to learn and connect with people around the world to expand her life beyond the Jewish life In Israel. Ronit's own discovery of her soul truth empowers her to take people on a journey of "self" discovery to the kingdom of Oz. Everyone who arrives to OZ would create a new life that authentically would align with their soul truth. Ronit complied and published her book "Walking in the Footsteps of the Masters' trailing the footsteps of the Masters to the "kingdom of Oz."
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