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Join David McLeod and the Soul Empowerment Team for another life-affirming program that is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you! Featuring: Nancy Stevens: International Certified Coach, Wellness Universe blogger, talk show host on “News For The Soul Radio” Kristi Borst, PhD: Founder Perspective Reboot® Quantum Energy Healing & Empowerment, Author, Channel Sara Jane: The Master of Voice, Creator of Vocal Reiki & Founder of “Gift of Healing TV” DESCRIPTION ----------- It is said: “If you erase all the mistakes of your past, you will also erase all of the wisdom of your present. Remember the lessons, not the disappointments!” In this episode, the Soul Empowerment Team will be delving into a compassionate exploration of our experiences to learn how they have shaped who we are today. Come join the live conversation as we examine how understanding our feelings and reactions to people, places and things from non-judgmental observation can help us to know ourselves better and grow from that understanding. * Knowing Yourself. ~ How well do you know yourself? Do you really know why you act or react in the way that you do, why you feel about things the way you do, why things affect you in different ways? * Reviewing Past Experiences. ~ Have you ever explored your past to get to know yourself better? When you catch an action or reaction, do you think about it afterwards? Have you ever wondered why you behave in that manner, what may have happened in your past that colors your judgment about certain things and people? * The Lessons of the Past. ~ Do you understand how your experiences and upbringing have shaped you? Have you ever looked back at early life experiences and realized how they impact your life today? Come to understand that awareness and healing your past can make a real difference to your life today. * Compassionate Understanding. ~ Have you ever really thought about why you are as you are and do what you do? The better we know and understand ourselves, the more we can value ourselves and live a more authentic and fulfilling life. This is going to be a powerful and entertaining episode, and we want your participation! Each of the team will share from their own experiences, perspectives and healing journey. Join them for the live program and feel free to comment, share and ask questions in the chat. More About the Team: -------------------- Nancy Stevens: International Certified Coach, Wellness Universe blogger, talk show host on “News For The Soul Radio”. She is also an accomplished speaker, educating groups and organizations about personal development and healthy well-being. www.NancyStevensCoaching.com Kristi Borst, PhD: Integrative quantum healer. Her Perspective Reboot® process helps others release self-limiting beLIEfs, karmic/ancestral burdens, chakra blocks, and childhood traumas, which present as illness, pain, feeling lost/stuck. Sessions worldwide, all ages, private, couples, groups. www.DistanceEnergy.com Sara Jane: Reiki & Vocal Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner. Having worked on herself & healed her own early years trauma & hurt, Sara now supports clients, from her own experiences, to heal their own trauma & live a more fulfilling & happy life. Learn more & experience Free Tasters: www.VocalReiki.com
oin me for weekly chats! We will drop into and explore all the amazing possibilities that exist in the experience of being a human. Topics will include Healing, Embodiment, Inner Work, Self-Healing, Relationships, Polarity, Spirituality with Tools, Practices and Meditations, etc. My deepest intent and purpose of these calls is to create a space that leave you feeling moved, touched and inspired to live a life with your fullest expression of love; the true gift it is to be a human being. This group can involve into private coaching/counselling sessions in a group setting for those seeking assistance in all things spiritual, metaphysical, healing and the like. It's also a safe place where you can share and receive the support you need in a loving environment. I mediate prior to the call and cultivate the collective energies to determine the topic of the week. Looking forward to meeting you:) K
How Beliefs Shape Your life? Beliefs are the foundation of your current life experiences. There are multiple layers of belief systems that are unconsciously running on autopilot, which are ultimately making up your reality. Many of you have heard the thought, Have you ever heard the lines “What will the neighbours think”, “For good things you have to wait” or “Money is the root of all evil”? These are all just beliefs, often passed down to you from family and friends. Likely you heard it over and over again as a child until you finally believed that it became true to you. Now think about a deeper, more personal beliefs; “I look fat in these jeans”, ”I not worthy of love” or “I don’t deserve to have/be…”! How much do you think these beliefs are affecting your life? The problem we face when trying to change our life is that we are trying to change it WITHOUT clearing the ROOT belief that is the source of your limited growth. Your beliefs, whether you know what they are or not, are running 95% of your life through your subconscious/unconscious mind! How clearing the ROOTS will make a difference? ROOT beliefs such as: being unworthy doesn't only affect one area of your life, but ALL areas. Unworthy for money, unworthy for happiness, unworthy for love, and more. So instead of working on each problem on the surface level, we go straight to the source. We head into the subconscious mind, where these ROOT beliefs reside. We then CLEAR these limiting beliefs and when free from then creates a place of nothingness to help us create what you want. You will then instil and empower yourself to create a NEW you, transforming your life! Interested in learning more? Please join me in a 1hr interactive workshop, Uncovering Your Belief Blueprint and discover what beliefs maybe holding you back from the life you desire! Power is in the awareness and this workshop will bring your subconscious beliefs to the surface and shift out of old patterns. This Workshop can help you with the change you’ve been looking for! What we'll be covering: How to access the subconscious mind Uncover your UNIQUE programming that’s you’ve been unconsciously living out of your whole life See why affirmations don’t work, and how to update them Understand why you continue to remain stuck in the cycle of dis-ease, dis-comfort, or lack and BREAK IT Why you keep manifesting that same experiences (especially the ones you don’t like) How to let go beliefs holding your back, reprogramming the mind for abundance, love, health, and freedom through simple and effective practices
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Ahtayaa Leigh is Founder of Gold Ray Healing, a cosmic shamanic energy healing technique that channels the Divine Solar Feminine energies of the Golden Ray. Having walked the enlightening path of physical and emotional transmutation leading to spiritual rebirth, her life work is now dedicated to guiding others through the process of deep healing and transformation. Learn more about her work at goldrayhealing.com and connect with her on Facebook at Gold Ray Healing. Please enjoy the 15 minute Purification journey to give you a taster of the healing power of the Golden Ray.
Ella Mesma is the published author of Journal to Joy and director of award winning company Business Yoga (Prestige award 2020). Ella is a teacher, a coach and a dance artist. Business Yoga is a workplace wellness concept offering online and in person sessions designed to empower staff to look after themselves and support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos. In order to help companies and staff combat stress and the pressure of deadlines, Business Yoga 23onMe classes, 23onMe productivity timer and 23onMe membership offer short sharp solutions to embed good practise without taking up too much time. Ella has been practising yoga since 2004, and been teaching since 2011. She trained with Embodied Dancer Yoga Teacher Training, Karam Kriya School & Yoga Teachers College® and practises Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow & Yoga Trapeze. As a trained dancer, performance highlights have included Russell Maliphant Company, Lea Anderson (The Chomondeleys), Olympics Opening Ceremony, Southpaw and Uchenna. She is also director of international touring Ella Mesma Dance Company.
Hello! Ever since a severe car accident at 13 y/o I've wanted to help people. I help people connect their mind and body to work through emotional and physical issues. I was a chiropractor but today as an Energy Healer and an Embodiment Coach I use intuition and mindfulness to assist my clients. I have been coaching and healing clients since 2003. I offer a variety of modalities in my Healing sessions and personalize each and every session to best suit the needs of my clients for their optimal health. I look forward to meeting you at one of my classes and/or courses to help you bring our your highest potential. You can learn more about me at www.belfrywellness.com or check out over a 100 of my YouTube videos!
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