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with Eve SpiritSpeaks, M.D. Jan. 4th 4-5 pm Fourth Generation internationally known psychic and medium Dr. Eve SpiritSpeaks offers psychic angel tarot card readings and channeled Divine guidance for those who attend her live presentation. These are to exemplify a part of what you’ll master when you attend her intuition-building course on Saturday mornings at 10 am. Dr. Eve has a background as a psychiatrist and family practitioner. She wishes to help you achieve greater spiritual fitness which helps drive your mental, emotional, and physical health. Other skills you’ll be introduced to in her course include and are not limited to: Akashic Records access, animal communication, pendulum divination, relationship reading, photo psychometry, and so much more! You have so many loved ones in Spirit waiting to help you…Discover how to communicate and cooperate directly with Divine. And then watch how you begin to better deal with adversity by turning it into opportunity via law of attraction: with loved ones, at work, absolutely anywhere! Come and experience attuning yourself to Divine. Get a glimpse of what you can grow into doing for yourself. As you attend this class you’ll join other likeminded souls in listening to messages for your highest good. And you’ll see how you can apply your intuitive capacity to help you achieve your life purpose and your dreams! Questions? [email protected]
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Carol Quinn
Spirituality > Healing
Recorded: Nov 16, 2020 at 09:00 pm EDT
Come take a journey with us through your natal (birth) chart and learn astrology as you uncover your soul's path for you in this lifetime. Through a series of selected topics and basic astrological principles, we will help you connect "the stars" in your chart in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of self, as well as a clearer view of how to use your chart in a way that allows you to work with the timing and unfolding of your purpose. We will also discover and be shown how to follow the thread of joy that ties it all together. Spirit will join use for additional insights and messages during each class. A new natal Chart will be provided for your use.
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Jamie Butler
Recorded: Sep 18, 2020 at 12:30 pm EDT
Class #62 in a series of energy-centric classes with Jamie that you can take in any order! Receive the answers to these following questions and more: A. Are you a Jung, Freud or ? B. What category is the dream in? C. What do numbers mean in my dreams? D. What do symbols mean in my dreams? E. How did I feel in the dream? Participants will be able to interact and ask questions through typing on the live chat thread. All virtual LiL classes are recorded so no need to be disappointed if you missed class! You can purchase the recording at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you need!
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I am a Registered Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist for 21 years and a Life and Mindset Coach. I provide virtual energy healing sessions both individually and in a group setting. I am a Toronto native and now living in the Caribbean and a Mom to 2 beautiful daughters.
Jamie Butler is a natural born Medium, Wholeness Expert, and Media-Personality working internationally for 30 years. Her life goal is to teach people of all ages about the infinite possibilities for healing, joy and success available to us when wholeness living is incorporated into our daily lives. She does this by sharing her deep knowledge of subtle light energy. Jamie has created short deep dive spiritual classes for her followers, nicknamed the Luminaires, to encourage truths through humor while letting go of learned behavior. As Jamie says, "It's not Woo Woo, It's True True" She is the author of With Love and Light: A True Story About an Uncommon Gift, founder of The Center for Love and Light in Atlanta, GA and co-founder of a nonprofit: The Love & Light Institute connecting the mind, body, emotion and soul to cultivate the potential from within. Jamie also hosts The Lighter Side Show and podcast.
Normally, I teach spiritual and healing classes from my local studio. However, since covid, I have brought my classes online. I have watched people's lives change by taking classes. I call it "showing up for your soul". There is a beauty in healing. There is a beauty in finding one's spiritual path, and walking it. Life can be brutal and traumatic, but it can also be incredibly beautiful. Sometimes we just need to clear the human debris that we've been operating under to see it. My classes are down to earth and informative. For some, they've been transformative. I'm a licensed spiritual minister, a Reiki Master/Teacher, I have a bachelor's in metaphysics, I'm an intuitive and medium. I say this because I've researched, studied, learned, and grew through my own pain. My classes are a way to help you through yours. I'm not more special than anyone else. This is simply my chosen path to help myself and others. I invite you to take the steps on your journey. Whether you take my classes or someone else's, each class, book, video, etc., is another step toward liberation. Getting out from under other people's thoughts, opinions, judgements, etc. and discovering who you are. Join us! The journey is beautiful!
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