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Known as "America's Burnout Coach", J.D. has been coaching professionals on how to create lives and businesses they love since 1997. Her client list includes Academy & Grammy Winners, New York Times Best-Selling Authors, High-Profile Professionals and globally recognized companies like Samsung, US Bank and Dish Network. She even went through a burnout of her own, after 15 years as a high-profile entrepreneur and ended up walking away from a million dollar recording contract to preserve her well-being and originally created her Holistic Success methodology to help herself fly through burnout like a phoenix and ever since, she has been ...See All


J.D. WildFlower is a College Professor of Marketing and earned her degree at Minnesota School Of Business.

On the energetic side of things to further her knowledge in the metaphysical and healing arts, J.D. became a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher in 2002 and created "Oshune Reiki", a variation of traditional Usui Reiki that includes life transformational Grounding Techniques not taught in other Reiki courses. She is also a Certified Pranic Healing Practitioner and a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner.

Experience and Distinctions

J.D. WildFlower is the Creator of Oshune Reiki, a unique form of Reiki that includes energy clearing and chakra balancing techniques as well as utilizing the power of traditional Usui Reiki Universal Life Force energy.

On the business side of things, she is the founder and marketing executive at Sintilation Studios - an Advertising Agency based out of Las Vegas and Minneapolis - as well as the Founder of Organic Branding Method and Organic Marketing Method. For well over a decade, WildFlower has helped celebrities (Academy & Grammy Winners as well as New York Times Best ...See All

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Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine and Founder of the TOLPAKAN Healing Method, an energy healing method that quickly discerns the foundational issues surrounding a health challenge and then directs high vibrational healing. As a mentor/trainer/healer, she helps Sensitive Souls feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated and overtired to feel calm, confident, and connected. Her passion is helping them harness their superpowers, express their Soul Mission, and create Joy in the process.
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Susan believes in empowering others to discover their own truth and is passionate about helping others step into their power. She has a strong relationship with Spirit and is a channel for Divine guidance. Susan is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master, Medium, ordained minister and Holistic Health Practitioner who has helped countless people obtain clarity and optimal well-being.
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