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Laura began seeing spirit in 1976 at the young age of 5. She had many
visits from spirits throughout her life at a young age.
She struggled through her experiences but eventually learned how to
control what she was receiving.
Today Laura is a professional medium, podcaster of meditations and
self-help recordings and building her own spiritual community;
which led to the creation of the Zenith School of Metaphysical studies.
Offering 18 classes with 8 different instructors and over 2,000 students.


Face reading
Reiki I and II
Psychic Mediumship Accreditation
Certified Dream interpreter

Experience and Distinctions

I have been doing personal and professional readings for over 45 years. I have worked with a few great mediums. Jodi Livon and Lisa Williams.

Expert Academy on LiL
70 Completed Sessions
Last Session:
Sat Nov 24 2018 at 05:05 pm EDT
Last Log-in:
Mon Sep 30 2019 at 08:42 pm EDT
On Learn It Live Since:
Thursday Jun 18, 2015
Learners (1293)
Hello there! Thank you for your interest in what I'm all about! My name is Sophie, and in my professional life I work as a spiritual consultant and psychic medium. I've always had psychic abilities, but didn't always understand them or how to best utilize my skills to help others. Fortunately, I was able to find some great resources on my voyage through life after life. I had the blessing of sage teachers and wise travellers making their way through the oceans of energy we experience as spiritual beings having this human experience. A practitioner of esoteric tools, I've been serving clients and families for the entirety of my adult life. My goal is to help others understand their unique abilities by offering enlightened insights for clarity and forward movement. I look forward to be at your service! Thanks again for tuning in!
Missoula, USA
New York, USA
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