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Bonnie Casamassima supports you in connecting with your guides as a medium and through fostering your wellbeing and intuition using interior design with biophilia, the healing psychology of our connection with nature, within your everyday spaces.

Combining over a decade of research-driven experience, her Clairabilities and educational approach, she supports people in creating more vibrancy and connection within themselves and the spaces that surround their daily lives such as their homes and offices.

She is the Founder of Intuitive By Nature and an Adjunct Professor of Interior Design. ...See All


M.F.A. Interior Design with a focus in Environmental Psychology and Biophilic Design
B.S. Interior Design

Graduate of Jamie Butler's 22-week mentorship program where I honed my Mediumship abilities

Experience and Distinctions

Professor of Interior Design
Keynote Speaker
Graduate of Jamie Butler's 22-week mentorship program

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Wed Mar 9 2022 at 04:16 pm EST
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Monday Feb 8, 2021
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Hi, I'm 34 years old, living in central Poland, working in a hospital - internal medicine. I'm quite new to spirituality but super excited about it since about 3 years. Up till my early 30'es I was an atheist and totally rational thinker. Then some life turbulences changed that. The top 3 books that changed my view of life are: (random order) - The Ascention Papers, book 1 by Zingdad - Conversations with God and the rest of his books by N.D.Walsch - Awakening by Anthony de Mello
Lodz, POL
Lexie’s passion for crystals dates to her childhood but blossomed into a healthful relationship during her transition out of corporate marketing and into an energy-centric entrepreneurial pursuit. She opened her online crystal boutique, Illuminated Living, in 2019 and has expanded her service to humanity through crystalline DNA activation, crystal energy healings, and touch. She's honored and excited to have joined the Center for Love and Light as an instructor and practitioner in 2021. ‘Calm and soothing’ is how Lexie’s energetic impression is commonly described. She has the gift of holding space for others to feel safe, nurtured, and reminded of the power they already hold within. Her calming essences illuminates the ease in which spiritual growth and mastery can be attained, and how crystals can be used to support this journey. Beautiful Danville, California is where Lexie thrives with her husband and two little boys. She is a mentee of Maria Haswell and a down-to-earth mother on the journey to being the conscious parent that’s being asked for in the new earth.
Danville, USA
Mary is a medium and animal intuitive who communicates with both the physical and non-physical worlds through channeled guidance. Prior to opening her mediumship business, Mary received a degree in animal behavior, studied human and wildlife interactions, and worked nearly 30 years as a Wildlife and Natural Resources professional. She is a Pranic Healing practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher. Mary’s mission is to help others discover missing pieces of their life’s puzzle through deeper connections with loved ones, animals, the natural world, and beyond.
Colorado, USA
Welcome! I am an Energy Healer and Certified Life Coach based in Atlanta, GA. I have been coaching and healing clients since 2014. I offer a variety of Healing sessions based on Pranic Healing Protocols and Reiki; personalized Life Coaching and Leadership assessments that predict your personal and professional performance and success. I am super excited to partner with The Center for Love and Light to bring you classes based on all my healing arts knowledge and experience for YOUR highest good. Browse my past and upcoming classes and feel free to reach me with any questions: [email protected] I also heal, coach and mentor Empaths looking to discover and embrace their gift. Looking forward to be a channel for the change you seek.
Atlanta, USA
I teach, I learn and I share. Shaman and healer. I bring relief spontaneously and with products I make from seed. An avid organic gardener and animal caretaker. Gaia is my Goddess.
Forest Ranch, USA
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