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Psychiatrist-turned-metaphysician offers intuitive success coaching, training, education and stress management to empower those in difficult relationships & other life challenges, so they're equipped to thrive and excel in your professional and personal life.

Backstory: Upon earning her medical doctorate at UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Eve trained as both a family practitioner and psychiatrist before embarking on her journey to "heal souls".
While keeping secret from colleagues her personal and family lineage of intuitive and mediumship skills, Dr. Eve unexpectedly discovered that others who like her also experienced the world metaphysically were using their psychic ...See All

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Friday Oct 23, 2020
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Ongoing life learner.. to joining like-minded people who aspire to be "modern elders" (Chip Conley's phrase from his book, "Wisdom at Work:"). Note to all affectionate kickers out there! -> Need help with jump-starting my writing, photography, and artistry! I welcome your advise!!:) Would like to create an annex in Southeastern Ontario area for those interested in exploring Human Metaphysics, etc., and meeting others who wish to normalize spirituality. There are 2 great kids in my life: one who is here in Earth School, alongside of me, with her own lesson plans. She still takes time out to spend time with me - poor kid! The other is back Home in spirit. He is methodical, prankish, and humourous. He bangs on the goldfish bowl occasionally to challenge the mindsets we hold here, and encourages growth in consciousness.
Kingston, ON, CAN
Wadsworth , USA
Shara Ogin currently works as an Intuitive Coach (Clairvoyant + Life Coach) and is most passionate about helping women to remove those invisible blocks and barriers that stand in the way of them accessing their highest light and potential. She is the author of 2 books and 5 DVD's on healing, and she currently runs 3 programs: A group coaching program, An intuition development program, and an online program titled "The Body That Heals Itself."
California, USA
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