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Holistic health and epic entertainment is the name of my game! I specialize in perfecting the infinite abilities we have to dazzle an audience while maintaining the discipline necessary to be thriving in health in all ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My top practices include:

Yoga - For flexibility, strength, inversions and contortion training.
Hula Hooping - For health and happiness, as well as intermediate performing and fire dancing.
Tantric Alchemy - For manifestation and a greater understanding of your reality becoming.
Dream Navigation - For healing and connection to the whole ...See All

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Ongoing life learner.. to joining like-minded people who aspire to be "modern elders" (Chip Conley's phrase from his book, "Wisdom at Work:"). Note to all affectionate kickers out there! -> Need help with jump-starting my writing, photography, and artistry! I welcome your advise!!:) Would like to create an annex in Southeastern Ontario area for those interested in exploring Human Metaphysics, etc., and meeting others who wish to normalize spirituality. There are 2 great kids in my life: one who is here in Earth School, alongside of me, with her own lesson plans. She still takes time out to spend time with me - poor kid! The other is back Home in spirit. He is methodical, prankish, and humourous. He bangs on the goldfish bowl occasionally to challenge the mindsets we hold here, and encourages growth in consciousness.
Kingston, ON, CAN