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I am a Personal Growth & Purpose Development Consultant/Mentor for individuals, entrepreneurs and leaders looking to explore new ways of being, leading and growing exponentially. With over 18 years experience in people and business transformation, I combine this with holistic modalities, the Akashic Records, quantum science and DNA healing tools to co-create happiest states with clients.


Certified Akashic Records Consultant - Journey to the Heart, US

Post Grad, Cert. Human Resource Development - UK

MBA - General Business Admin - UK

Experience and Distinctions

It is about enabling everyone to be balanced - emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally!

Mentoring, Conscious Channelling, Akashic Records Consultations & Remote Healing - since 2016

Leadership, purpose development and business transformation - 18+ years

Mission: Inspiring Growth in Each Continent. Cuurently, we serve over 250 global clients in UK, US, Europe, Australia, AsiaPacfic, South America and Africa...

International best selling Author, Advisora and Mentor. TEDx/Keynote Speaker on conscious transformation.

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ny, USA
Alan Simberg, Ph.D., is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who has 47+ years of professional experience. He helps individuals and couples to overcome their personal and relationship challenges. Alan became an Amazon bestselling author by contributing a chapter to a compilation book titled Share Your Message with the World. He is available to provide in person presentations and webinars to groups. Alan offers a variety of topics including stress management, spirituality and anger management. He also does presentations as part of his coaching business that are called Vision Workshops. Alan became aware of his interest to be of service to others at an early age. This led him to pursue and to develop his counseling skills by formal education, studying with a spiritual master for 5+ years and overcoming personal challenges. Traditional learning in combination with life experiences has proven to be invaluable to him. In his clinical practice he facilitates clients to identify the relationship between mind, body and spirit with their challenges. He has found that by recognizing this connection and identifying accompanying strategies effective and long lasting solutions are possible. A guiding principle that is the foundation from which he operates is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. You can learn more about Alan and contact him by going to his website https://www.alansimberg.com
I am a Psychic Medium, Crystal Reiki/Chakra/Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Radio Host, YouTuber, Registered Nurse, Budding Author in th eprocess of writing 3 books, as well as a Mama to wonderful sons; My eldest who is 23 & a Proud Advocate & Member of the LGBTQ Community & My Youngest, who is 21 & has severe Autism. I'm in the midst of growing My Business as well as My Community, with 2 quickly growing new Groups on Facebook, called The Angel Rocker Tribe & Paranormal University. I also have a YouTube Channel & My Radio Show called 'The Angel Rocvk with Lorilei Potvin". I love to meet like-minded People & friends on Social Media & consider Myself a life-long learner. I'm also quite knowledgeable about The PAranormal as We;ve lived through severe PAranormal Activity in Our own home for almost 11 years & Our Story was recently featured on this 4th Season, of Paranormal Survivor, Episode 9, on TV. Another area of interest of Mine is working with Children, to help them better understand & learn about their Psychic Gifts asboth of My sons have very strong Psychic Abilities, which I have heled Them learn all about growing up. <3 <3 <3
Thunder Bay, CAN
Donna Burgher is the Founder & CEO of CHOOSE TRUE HAPPINESS LLC, Host of Choose True Happiness Podcast™, and Senior Partner/Co-Owner of The Wellness Universe. Donna is a Faith-Inspired Guide, Dream Catalyst Mentor, Faith-Based Certified Happiness Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Advanced Passion Test Facilitator. She has a Top 10% Global Podcast and she’s a #1 Bestselling Co-Author in Multiple Books. Donna uplifts others with her positive energy, humor, and love as she guides her clients on a fun, amazing, and life-changing journey. www.DonnaBurgher.com
Florida, USA
My name is Jenny, and I am a Mast Cell Warrior. Born an Empath and Light Energy Worker I was naturally very in tune with Spirit and the vibrations of Nature. My passions include advocating for a safe, healthy, and peaceful world for us all, spending time outdoors with nature, empowering others to live their best life, and cherishing each beautiful moment I am gifted.
50 years old mother of 1 and 4 grandchildren. Married Starting to love myself again and eager to get where I need to be spiritually.
Lumberton, USA
Manuela is a Body Wisdom Coach and Mentor, specializing in Unconditional Happiness. Her extensive experience as a Body-Mind Healer spanning over 35 years highlights her deep expertise in guiding individuals toward holistic well-being. Her creation of the Tiny Islands Journey showcases her dedication to helping people transform their lives with unconditional happiness as a central goal. She's passionate about helping her clients shift from a mindset of seeking happiness in the future to cultivating happiness in the present moment. Manuela's focus on honoring the body's wisdom and anchoring in the present moment reflects her commitment to mindfulness and self-awareness. By empowering individuals to embrace their lives and navigate challenges with a positive outlook, she's providing them with essential tools for personal growth. Her background of raising a special needs daughter demonstrates her resilience and ability to find strength and inspiration in even the most challenging situations. This experience has undoubtedly shaped her perspective and deepened her understanding of the human journey. The combination of her upbringing in Germany with its ancient healing traditions and her current life in California and Germany adds a rich cultural dimension to her approach. Overall, Manuela's dedication to guiding individuals toward unconditional happiness and self-empowerment will inspire you. Her diverse background and expertise make her a valuable resource for anyone seeking positive transformation in the lives.
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