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The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners certifies me as a hypnotherapist. My instructor was Dr. John Butler, Gil Boyne's, the revolutionary master hypnotist's friend.

Transforming hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis changed my life so profoundly and in so many positive ways that it set me free of my old, limiting self. It is, of course, still an ongoing process, as I expand my consciousness to always larger and broader parts of my inner self, but if anything was worth the effort, money and time to learn, then definitely THIS WAS IT!

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I have the following Certificates of the Hypnotherapy Training International:

Hypnosis: the Basics
Transformational Hypnosis
Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy
Medical Hypnotherapy
Transforming Fertility and Birth
Hypnotherapy Masterclass
Advanced Self-hypnosis

I also have the Certification of Hypnotherapy and Diploma in Hypnotherapy of the Americal School of Hypnosis.

Besides that, I finished the Rewind Technique Training of the Uncommon Practitioners.

The Rewind Technique is an astonishing NLP method to lift PTSD and phobias rapidly, usually in a single session.

Experience and Distinctions

Primary fields of expertise:
Weight loss with hypnosis
Solving emotional problems with past life regression
Panic attacks

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