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JOYce McLean's mission is to expedite individuals experiencing life in the most enhanced way possible. She facilitates peace and presents empowerment options throughout the world. She experiences a unique connection to Source and is the first Spiritual Collaboration Facilitator on Earth. All of her classes offer you the opportunity to resolve the root causes of what inhibits your optimal flow & ease. JOYce is a collaboration expert who models living a life aligned to Source. She does this by communicating with her Higher Self using many approaches. She has gifted herself with choices that have expedited the blossoming of her gifts. By listening to her knowing she has chosen the ideal options that expedited her learning and growth from the multitude of possibilities available. JOYce helps individuals discover and use their primary method to instantly communicate with their Higher Self. She has the innate ability to provide excellent options and insights. She provides clarity, understanding, knowledge, healing and resources through private consultations, Epame card readings, events and speaking engagements. Join JOYce and embrace moving from indecision to certainty of choice. She invites you to embrace who you are, and experience fulfillment, playfully :) Discover more about JOYce McLean and her offerings at LivinginPeacenHarmony.com
Prior to becoming psychic suddenly in 2003, Ellen was a corporate project manager and business analyst. In 2004 Ellen changed careers and began offering Reiki Therapy and messages from the angelic realm, which became known as Reiki with Angels. Since 2005 Ellen has taught metaphysical workshops to hundreds of people in Central Virginia. And she hosted the Psychic Say So Radio show on the Contact Talk Radio Network in 2011. Ellen has clients and students worldwide.
I am here to offer energetic support to Earth Angels at this time. These classes I am offering here are for exactly that purpose. To bring in and connect with the Higher Dimensions and the Angelic Realm. I work for God and the Angels and all of my classes are channeled, spiritual, creative, and nurturing.
For over 30 years I have been a teacher, spiritual life coach and guide, spiritual counselor, an ordained minister and priestess, and an Akashic Record Consultant. I have studied and been trained in a variety of traditions and schools of thought some of which include, New Thought Metaphysics, mysticism, the Ascended Master Teachings and the process of ascension, positive psychology, quantum healing, Wicca, Shamanism, and the use of sacred medicines, Native American practices, sacred sexuality, the mythology of the goddess, and non-dual teachings, My expertise lies in being able to communicate what it is I am teaching with authenticity and to demonstrate through practice how my students can learn the new skill or begin to develop a daily practice and way of being in their lives. Practical spirituality is something I truly feel is necessary during these times especially. Consulting I have also worked as a Self-Publishing Consultant for the past 5 years assisting first-time authors in learning the ins and outs of the ever-changing business. of the self-publishing world. I specialize in working with first-time authors and will provide them with the support needed to make sure that they have a good grasp and a plan of action in order for them to move forward with their book.
Trish McKinnley is a manifestation expert and intuitive mama, here to teach you how to manifest the life you desire QUICKLY and EASILY! Creator of The Forgotten Tools of the Universe, Trish teaches the ancient wisdom tips and techniques for creating the life you desire. Please visit her website www.trishmckinnley.com and sign up for her weekly short and power-packed videos. Trish is a contributing author to the bestselling book 365 Life Shifts. Trish has been a featured keynote speaker at large conferences such as the Victory of Light Expo, which draws over 8,000 people bi-annually. She joined other experts, including Morning Coach JB Glossinger, and offered a compelling interview for the Your Best Life Yet Summit.
Jerry Mikutis is a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki training, a yoga teacher and crystal practitioner. She facilitates yoga and Reiki classes as well as meditations online. Jerry lives in Chicago with her 2 cats Rosie and Milo and dozens of plants and looks for the magic everywhere.
Made in Brazil with Mexican ingredients, Rosa Santana, Level 3 Iyengar Yoga and International Association of Yoga Therapists Certified. She has been studying, teaching, and propagating the therapeutic art of Iyengar Yoga since 1995. She was drawn to the mental and physical discipline after suffering three accidental falls, one of which fractured her tailbone. Since healing her back, neck and sciatica pains, she has introduced yoga to thousands of students who had never experienced this healing art and science. She used yoga therapy on herself when dealing with Covid and Long Term Covid.
Lori-Ann has studied and practiced extensively in the Holistic Health field and is committed to passing on her knowledge to improve lives. She has trained and worked in Energy & Body work for over 30 years in Canada, studied Fine Arts and Healing in Japan, and delivered a lecture tour in India. She added Acupressure, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology, and Iridology to her existing skills and education in 2001, when she graduated with Honors from Windsong School of Healing under the teachings of Pauline Wolfe. Lori-Ann has extensive experience in her field, specializing in Holistic Therapy and Education. She began to train Elemental Bodywork practitioners while running a successful Holistic Practice. This training combines Oriental Bodywork and Energy Medicine modalities into AcuChi – a treatment focused on aligning the body, mind, and spirit. Lori-Ann expanded her passion for animals in a full therapeutic 4 Paws Bodytalk treatment system, and has been working therapeutically and energetically with small and large animals for over 25 years. Bringing together her experiences and modalities from all over the world, Lori-Ann is now facilitating in Four Paws Bodytalk and Holistic Therapies and teaching Oriental Bodywork, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, Five Element Iridology Nutritional Profiling, 4 Paws Bodytalk, and Auriculotherapy at Windsong College of Healing Arts and Eastern Arts Institute of Holistic Therapy. Lori-Ann’s life goal is to use her skills and learning so gratefully acquired from her teachers and mentors to bring the knowledge of Health and Wholeness to others in learning.
A lifelong shaman with over 20 years of formal practice, Dwight Harriman has spent his entire life deepening his relationship with Spirit through a melding of paths. Called by visions as a child, Dwight's early mystical leanings ripened through long-time recovery work, religion, the study of anthropology, and through shamanic practice. Dwight earned a degree in anthropology with honors from Georgia State University and has studied extensively under different shamans. In 2008 Dwight was anointed as a mesa carrier from the International School of Shamanism and later completed an apprenticeship with Elder, Shamanic Healer and Visionary Peter Calhoun. Dwight has led many healing ceremonies, rituals of all types and shamanic journeys. One of his great joys in life is helping others to connect to the Divine within.
Thirty years ago, when Dr. Linda Howe first encountered the Akashic Records - the archive of our souls journey -- she felt that she had come home. Just two years later, she began teaching and never looked back! Having engaged in spiritual studies throughout her adult life, Linda now embarked on an Amazing Akashic Adventure, navigating sacred infinity. By making her Pathway Prayer Process(c) to access the heart of the Records freely available, Linda started a global movement enabling secular people to now consciously and reliably access the Records for themselves and others. Over the years, an inspired, comprehensive curriculum was revealed to her, and in 2002 she founded her Center for Akashic Studies to expand the reach of Akashic Light and Love throughout the world. Through her Certification classes and award-winning books, Linda offers methodology designed to help students consciously and responsibly experience and express their souls purposes, and engage the Records directly for insight, guidance, and practical spiritual wisdom. And now, by popular demand, Linda offers video classes online to make her work even more accessible to seekers across the globe. LHOCAS - the Linda Howe Online Center for Akashic Studies - offers you both live and on-demand (prerecorded) classes, as well as classes that offer a combination of approaches. In LHOCAS, you can work with Linda or with one of her Elite Certified Teachers, each of whom she has thoroughly trained. . Certification classes are developed and delivered by Linda. Inspire and illuminate your spiritual path as you learn the fundamentals for a dynamic soul-level connection within your Akashic Records. These are foundation classes for Lindas method - including her Pathway Prayer Process(c) - and are recognized as requirements for the 2021 Teacher Certification Training, . Discover various ways of working in the Akashic Records to accelerate your personal growth and transformation with the LHOCAS Enrichment Series. Sessions are developed by Elite Certified Teachers to support your practice in the Records, using the Pathway Prayer Process(c).These sessions are not intended to be foundation classes for Lindas method, and are not a substitute for Certification Classes.
Helping spiritually connected beings move away from limitations and step into their power and authentic expression. My mission and promise to you is to heal, serve, inspire and empower your self-realization and your soul’s evolution. With no models for such practices, I was into all things witchy as a young child. I could be found running naked through the woods in the rain, burning incense and spell candles in the trees and breaking rocks open to see the crystals inside that I loved so much. I was born an empath with sensitivity to energies physical and non-physical. At age 14 I bought her first deck of oracle cards and recall practicing yoga long before she knew what it was. As fate would have it, at 18 my roommate had a yoga VHS Tape….yes that was a thing...and that is where my wild journey of self-realization and self-healing began. Though it was not a straight path to freedom. Along my path I endured and survived physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse. I suffered from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, and drug addiction. Through the ups and downs of my healing journey I found her greatest light was buried in the darkness. My yoga journey was the stepping stone into creating a life that is now barely recognizable. Honestly, I can’t believe I was that person in the past. I made a conscious choice to commit to my practices and myself. Through much dedication and many modalities, I healed myself, and until I croak, will continue to explore deeper parts of myself that need my love, healing, and awareness. Over the past 20+ years, I have invested close to $100,000 on my healing through classes, trainings, workshops, therapy and healing sessions. I have traveled far and wide to educate myself with masters in the fields of yoga, meditation, healing, tarot and personal development. I have integrated and embodied these experiences to help to serve and heal others and our planet. My investment into myself and my insatiable curiosity of consciousness and human behavior have brought us to the here and now. A place of healing, hope, inspiration, and encouragement. Through yoga, meditation, tarot, energy healing, and beautiful content, we evolve our individual and collective consciousness. Through our work together we heal and elevate ourselves, we heal and elevate the planet.
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