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Tue Sep 27 at 11:00 pm EDT
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About This Class
This is Class #3 in a series of Crystal Skull Classes offered by the Crystal Skull Explorers, as both Joshua and Katrina, the crystal skull explorers will be offering a part of this class together. Katrina will be sharing with the participants how she is able to work with, bring to life and activate the crystal skulls. As when a person receives a crystal skull through us, she has a special processs she ollow to wake the skull up and be ready for it new guardian. Joshua will continue to follow up on the last class to go into more ...See All
To follow the material of this 3rd class in the series only requires a basic understanding of what the crystal skulls are and about. While we recommend the potential student/learner might find it beneficial to review the prevsious two classes offered, this class will stand on its own.
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I love giving Reiki to animals and people! Gardening makes me very happy too. Working and learning about crystals is important to me. Mother Earth at her finest. I'm learning Astrology. I meditate every day. I've taken Psychic and Mediumship classes. I know my Guardian Angels by name and my Spirit Guides. I love it when I can hear their messages clearly. I try to take as many online courses that I can fit into my schedule. Oh, and did I mention I love the 3 Stooges? Nothing like a cozy blanket and watching my guys crack me up.
Bakersfield, USA
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