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Thu Aug 18 at 05:40 pm EDT
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About This Class
Every month Ahtayaa Leigh leads a free group healing activation to anchor Golden Light into the Crystalline Grid.

The aim of these healing sessions is to uplift all those who attend with peace, balance, harmony, beauty, creativity, compassion, love, forgiveness, strength and courage so that we may each channel these qualities into the world through our energy fields and through our lives.

These Golden Ray activations are supported by the guardians of the Great Central Sun, introduced to Ahtayaa as the 12 Keepers of the Eye.
Additional Information
PLEASE SHARE THIS EVENT AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS! The more of us there are, the more powerful we are!

Register and if you miss the live event your energy will still be counted and you can listen to the recording at your leisure. ]

Mobile devices (ipad, iphone, android, etc.): You can attend live sessions from your mobile device.

Following this link for instructions: https://learnitlive.zendesk.com/entries/29213910-Attending-Sessions-from-Your-Mobile-Device
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I'm a mom of 4, happy wife, and a Light Giver, Author, Writer and Love is my mission! Love, Kindness, and Gratitude are Unconditionally given. Blessings Everyone, Thank you for these Gifts of Light, paths, and adventures, for our every exchange, I am grateful for you.
Iowa, USA
sunbury, victoria, AUS
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