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Cost: $150 USD
End Date
End Date
Wed Mar 9 at 09:30 pm EDT
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Meets For
5 Session(s)
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Subject Area
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About This Class
Academic Psychic Mediumship Certification
After taking this course and completing the certification you will be ready to start practicing as a psychic medium and have the fundamental tools to start working with clients.

The course will cover the following areas:
- The "Clairs" what are they and how are they used?
- Ego, How to keep it in check. Overactive vs. Underactive
- Protection, boundaries, releasing fear
- Learn to ground excess energy from others (great for empaths)
- How to meditate, why to meditate, benefits and reasons
- Spirit guides and your higher ...See All
Additional Information
In order to receive the "Full Mediumship Certification", you must also attend a LIVE session where we practice together in a live session It is critical to get professional feedback and practice before you begin charging clients of your own. They are held 1x a month.
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