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Sat Nov 24 at 02:15 pm EST
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About This Class
The holidays are here...will you be one of the "lucky" ones to add an additional 10-15 pounds over the next two months? Will you join the masses in creating a list of New Years resolutions with the best of intentions...only to fall short of your goals?

Why is it that we continually try to lose weight, get healthier, exercise, etc. and only have limited results (often short lived)?

Join me as we examine our current approach to wellness and how we could be inadvertently sabotaging our own efforts.

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Diane Randall, MA iWhole Living Consultant, inspiring Wellness Teacher and host of the internationally acclaimed podcast, Balanced Living for Busy Professionals. Diane works alongside busy professionals teaching inner tools and strategies to help them create the life they truly love.
Chicago, USA
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