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Thu Mar 20 at 09:15 pm EDT
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It's almost the end of the first quarter of the New Year. How are you doing with your New Year Resolutions? Research shows that close to 90% of these resolutions fail by the end of the first quarter. And then we tend to fall into our predictable patterns. What if there was a way to push reset and push through your blocks? What if there were a way to become unstoppable? Join Dr Eno on this highly interactive webinar in which she explores some strategies that can help you change gears, push past blocks and begin to create results you ...See All
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Currently, I'm trying to get into nursing school. It's been a lot of work thus far... but I know it will be worth it in the end! I came across this website and I'm eager to learn some new and exciting things to impliment into my life! Love n Blessings to all...
Diane Randall, MA iWhole Living Consultant, inspiring Wellness Teacher and host of the internationally acclaimed podcast, Balanced Living for Busy Professionals. Diane works alongside busy professionals teaching inner tools and strategies to help them create the life they truly love.
Chicago, USA
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in February 2011. Worked with a Health Coach, Jeanette Walker, from IIN, and a Personal Trainer from W.S.P.T Wellness Center in the Bronx. Within four months, I lost weight and my blood sugars were under control. You could almost say I reversed my diabetic condition. I joined the IIN and became a Health Coach, graduated in July 2012. I was the in-house Nutrition Counselor at W.S.P.T, a Physical Therapy and Wellness Center for their Bronx Fit programs. Now I am a T2 Diabetic Health Coach in western NY, the Finger Lakes.
Dundee, NY, the Finger Lakes, USA
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