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Wed Jun 27 at 07:45 pm EDT
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About This Class
This class is for anyone who has experienced trauma. We will use a mind-body approach that draws on imagery, guided meditation, movement and positive cognitive psychology to help people experiencing trauma to take the necessary steps to safely reach a state of relaxed, focused awareness so that the body's nervous system is more receptive to change and so that old wounds (physical and emotional) can heal more readily.
None except a willingness to explore one's interior through imagery.
Additional Information
It is helpful to do this session in a private, quiet place so that you are not interrupted and so that you can close your eyes or even lie down for part of the session. There will be a brief movement session as well. No special clothing or equipment is necessary. You will want to be able to stand up and move with a couple of feet of open space around you if possible. Afterwards, it is ideal to take 10-15 minutes of quiet time on your own to review insights and plan how you will use them in ...See All
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I'm a mom of 4, happy wife, and a Light Giver, Author, Writer and Love is my mission! Love, Kindness, and Gratitude are Unconditionally given. Blessings Everyone, Thank you for these Gifts of Light, paths, and adventures, for our every exchange, I am grateful for you.
Iowa, USA
Minneapolis, USA
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