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PROMO Code (for use by TAG members only): RSUQG3LV Driving Accelerated Innovation by Raj Ramachandran, Ed.D. Raj will discuss why innovation is a top priority for business leaders and how individuals can learn to be effective innovators. His research will examine common challenges faced by organizations trying to drive innovation and a learning platform they can use to ignite innovation. Raj serves as Vice President of Enterprise Solutions for Apollo Education Group which is charged with developing innovative educational products and solutions to serve global learners. Raj has more than 17 years of management consulting experience working at both Accenture and IBM providing strategic learning services to a variety of Fortune 500 clients in the higher-education, manufacturing, retail and high-tech industries. Raj has a bachelor of science in biochemistry from The Ohio State University and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, earning both his Doctorate and Masters in Education.
Sam Dossa
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Apr 22, 2014 at 12:00 pm EDT
Your mindset is crucial to maintaing and sustaining lasting inner happiness and peace. How we look at the world determines how we approach it and what value we draw from our experiences. Join this session to learn the process necessary to create a positive mindset.
TAG Members Only Discount Code: LFNAYQ3W PowerPoint abuse and misuse is rampant in the technology sector. One place where PowerPoint is much maligned is in the area of representing complex technical information. In this webinar, we'll explore methods for representing technical information in a consumable format. You'll learn alternatives to the default charts and graphs of PowerPoint. You'll discover ways to map complex processes that don't resemble an eye chart. You’ll observe effective techniques that you can apply to simplify your slides, yet make them more impactful. See how changing the way you represent data can improve your ability to influence outcomes. But be prepared – because sometimes the answer won’t be PowerPoint.
Zach Williams
Career Development > Sales
Recorded: Nov 13, 2013 at 10:00 am EDT
This class breaks down the sales process into three parts: The Pre-Presentation Discussion, The Presentation, and The Close. The class will explore what happens during each part and what communication skills the salesperson needs. The class will help participants develop the communications skills they need to be successful at each point in the sales process.
TAG Discount Code: VMVXT3JP If one just looks at the general trends of ANY industry, or heck, if one just observes their own behavior, it is obvious that going mobile is no longer an option. But at the same time, getting mobile wrong is not an option for most of the companies. In this workshop oriented session we will go through five decisions any company – whether a B2B or B2C – needs to make and get right, to make sure that they are meeting their visitors’ expectations and getting the most out of their mobile website.
Learn from a social media strategist and expert Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe as she guides attendees on what the social networking platform Pinterest can do for your business. In this webinar you will learn what Pinterest is, how it quickly rose to becoming one of the most highly visited sites and some tips and strategies on how B2B companies are utilizing this platform to gain new customers, fans and followers! About Your Presenter: Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe is a strategic marketing executive who is fluent in 4 languages. She specializes in developing business for international brands (Fortune 500) via integrating social media and digital strategies, strategic partnerships and marketing technologies. She also teaches marketers how to measure, optimize and build current new media efforts to increase value and develop strong relationships between brands and fans. Some of her clients include: Ryan Seacrest, Ryan Seacrest Productions, Chrysler, Cingular Wireless (AT&T), Georgia Tech, InterContinental Hotels Group, Mercer, Ogilvy & Mather, Reader’s Digest, Qualcomm, Turner Network Television, Coca-Cola. She is an avid skateboarder who tweets to relax. Follow Dorothea on Twitter @socialespionage. TAG Member Discount Code: LGK75G3P
Yup, Facebook is at it again, changing the features and layout of your "Page" on Facebook by March 30th. Are you ready? Do you feel like you finally got your Facebook page and strategy in place and now they changed everything? Well, don't worry, we do it together! In this webinar will start with a basic review of the "Timeline" changes, then go deeper into, what they mean for your daily management of your account. This hands on session will show you how others are leveraging timelines and major tips and pitfalls to avoid so you can distinguish your presence and your posting strategy. Topics Include: - What details in the new Facebook Page Timeline really matter - What will be the most difficult adjustments - How to leverage existing tools, customer taps and posting strategies in the new Timeline - What are the biggest opportunities with Facebook Timeline - Why does Facebook keep talking about engagement (and why you should too) - Developing a new Facebook strategy with Timelines - What does it means for Veg Businesses and Niche Markets
You may suspect there’s a better way to do presentation slides...and you’re right! Sure you've seen slick looking slides at tech conferences or on YouTube. But you could never do that yourself… could you? You CAN! In this session, we’ll exam the science behind why using a different approach will benefit you and you’re audience. You’ll learn the process for transforming your slides and see dramatic before and afters that illustrate the effectiveness of this approach. You’ll learn the rule of thirds and see how that design principle can improve the look and feel for your slides. You’ll discover new locations for free and low cost pictures that will jack up your presentations. Don’t be held hostage by bullet points anymore! Find out how to Powering Up Your PowerPoint. About the Presenter: In an attention-deficient, entertain-me-now, wait-while-I-post-that-on-my-Facebook-page kind of world, the typical business presentation is lame. Professional speaker, trainer, coach, tweeter and blogger Kelly Vandever is on a mission to eliminate boring business presentations from the face of the earth. An award winning speaker herself, Kelly helps organizations crank up their content to connect and interact with their audiences using old school and hi-tech techniques all while annihilating bullet points and making this world a better place for business audiences everywhere. Want to take your presentation from Lame to FAME? Contact Kelly today: http://SpeakingPractically.com. TAG member discount code: GVYGY5RU
Location-Based Marketing webinar will provide insights into the companies and their applications that provide location based marketing, ten keys to a good location-based marketing campaign, what happened in 2011 and 2012 Location-Based Marketing Predictions. Hear insights on Foursquare and Google, and Facebook as well as industry insights. How to build loyalty with your customer and learn about HootSuite, WildFire, OpenCal, Foodspotting. Presented by Janet Whitehead of netinteractive. TAG Member Discount Code: PPQZTNTU
This webinar will focus on legal issues relating to the development and use of social media. Participants will be given a general overview of the legal landscape of social media via a review of recent cases involving social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as mobile applications and search engine optimization. The webinar will conclude with a 15 minute open Q&A session. The presenter has agreed to review any questions submitted during the webinar but not answered (because of time) and follow-up with a Q&A document to be posted on the TAG website. The member code for this webinar is JPFGGLCU.
It sounds too good to be true: a 95% reduction in the impact of incidents on customers, with a 14% reduction of personnel cost; incidents (all priorities) solved in an average of 3.7 hours; 85% of changes implemented on time and within budget, in a more controlled manner, with substantially less “illegal” or “non-compliant” changes being carried out. These are the results of Quint’s IT Performance Management (ITPM) methodology. After many years of helping IT organizations to improve the maturity of their IT processes, Quint has (since 2003) turned its attention to also helping IT organizations to prove their added value to their customers through measuring and improving performance. The result of ITPM is improved performance regarding the resolution of incidents, the time to market and quality of changes, an improvement in the ability to plan the quality and quantity of services in the future. In the process of improving the performance of the IT organization, it is vital for the organization to develop basic continual improvement skills and structures. These skills and structures serve to help the organization to embed the performance improvement and to sustain the gains achieved. Member code: WEWVTDDW
Websites are the primary way that most organizations engage with people on the web. Lots of traffic to your homepage is a good thing, but should you expect more from your website? Yes! We’ll talk about creating goals, measuring performance, and using data to develop insights that can enhance your organization’s success. Discount member code: SDNUPUH3
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