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Meditation ~ Join me the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for a free meditation. This is great for kids and teens to!
Sept 16 - Dan Winter - Jedi School - Science (also new site coming soon - www.JediSchool.Science )-What is a Jedi?--What is a Djed?--What is The Force?-- Jedi Heart / Breath Training; Yoda Yoga Jedi Brainwave Science: FlameInMind.com-- Jedi Brainstem: Amygdala / Mygdal:To Tower - In the FLOW is back brain driven Jedi Qualities- In Blood / DNA - MicroChloridians-- Jedi SPINE: Sacro Cranial Djed- In Thought- In Death --Jedi Hygiene Instructions Jedi Propulsion: What is Warp Drive?-- Jedi Geobiology : Labyrinthine path -- Jedi- relationship to fear and the personification of evil.-- Midi-chlorians / bozon 7 / microvita- blood implosion and Jedi physics. Time Lord/ time warp and longitudinal emf physics.-- Jedi knights use science to empower � not personality/ miracle worship which disempowers.
Discover who is guiding you from the Spirit world in this free class and learn easy tools to help you communicate with this powerful guardian. Practice an easy meditation, start a spirit journal and create an alter for your prayers and blessings. You have a loving team of Angels, Animals, Ancestors, Dragons, Fairies, Star People and more waiting to assist you in manifesting your dreams now. This class will be recorded or join the live class to ask your questions!
In gratitude to receiving over 500 likes on my Facebook page, I would like to present a Question and Answer session for anything I can appropriately answer about me or about the universe and spirit, as well as giving some mini readings to some attendees with whatever spirit has to say. Everyone is welcome to submit a question, or just say hi. I will try my best to get to as many as I can.
What is self-hypnosis? How does it work? How is it different from meditation? How can you learn it? What do you need to achieve success? How can you quiet your mind? How can you use it for solving your problems? What problems can you solve with it? How can you use it to achieve success? What are the first steps? Can you be hypnotized? What if you can't visualize?
European meditation with Gayatri Kamadhenu
Disciple class
This monthly prayer circle is for ALL. Bring your friends! Every month we start with a guided meditation to heal and uplift the energy body, preparing our BODIES for shifts in consciousness and the new energies coming in that may be destabilizing the body or preparing the body for 2018. In the second part of the call, each participant will TYPE their prayers in the chat and the group will receive GOLDEN ORB deeksha (aka a divine energy to enhance your prayers and make them happen naturally). We will enhance each person's prayer requests or manifestations and build your consciousness, enhance your transformation and energy body. Participants can join by phone or via web conference. The ONLY part of the video that is recorded is the beginning meditation. ALL PRAYERS are kept PRIVATE i.e not recorded.
Hanbleceya means crying for a vision or a dream. This is ancient rite of passage practiced by many Indigenous cultures varying in techniques. Vision quests are taken to discover greater meaning and purpose in life, to have sacred communion with the Great Mystery, Tunkasila, to get answers or solutions to challenges, to connect with ancestors, spirit animals, and our Mother Earth. It requires personal sacrifice through fasting, prayer, and valuable time spent alone in Nature. It humbles you. It can bring answers to your questions, or questions for you to answer, through visions and insights. This is a sacred ritual carried out in a traditional manner. I was privileged to go on my first hanbleceya in Sept of 2015 over my birthday weekend. I hope you will join with me as I share my personal sacred experiences of connecting with spirit and share my thoughts about how we can 'cry for a vision' in our every day life as well.
Both instructional and Participatory, in this class you will learn tools to channel for yourself, and we will have lots of time for you to receive channeled guidance through Vicki. -Explore Your Heavenly Connections and learn how your Angels & Ascended Masters can support you everyday. -Use sacred tools for connecting with your Angels and guides and receiving their guidance. -Learn the key differences between Guardian Angels, ArchAngels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters -Receive direct and specific guidance from the Divine for the most important areas of your life.
Kathy Biehl
Spirituality > Astrology
Recorded: Aug 17, 2016 at 08:45 pm EDT
Enjoy a taste of the practical, light-hearted approach that has won professional astrologer Kathy Biehl fans at OM Times, Astrology Hub and her own site, EmpowermentUnlimited.net. You'll learn some of the multiple ways you can use astrology. (It's not just sun sign horoscopes!) Get a preview of her upcoming talks and classes. Find out why she's called the Professional Aquarian. And have the opportunity for Q&A.
Susan Starr
Recorded: Aug 07, 2016 at 10:15 am EDT
Rhodochrosite is a called the seven-chakra stone because it works so universally. It is a stone of love, in particular self-love, and is used for healing of Earth and showing love to Source. It is a heart-opener and a balancer, and creates new worlds of love for those who sit with it. I invite you to join me in this free live 10-minute meditation. If you cannot join live, the meditation will be available a few hours afterwards. Photo by R.Weller/Cochise College.
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