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Kelly Sanders
Recorded: Jan 24, 2016 at 05:30 am EDT
An introductory course to face reading. - What is face reading? - Understanding the balance between masculine and feminine energy - How is our personality reflected in our face? - Understand how to communicate to yourself and others more effectively
In this class Dr. Karen Kan, holistic physician specializing in energy and spiritual medicine, will uncover what many spiritual teachers are afraid to speak about - lower vibrational energies - that can and have been infecting humanity through millennia. These energies are at the root of many horrific atrocities perpetrated by humans as well as the cause of physical and mental illnesses in many people. Entities are not to be feared but understood. When we "get rid" of them we literally Love them into Light. And in healing them, we heal our Shadows as well. In this class you'll learn: Learn the primary risk factors for ghost and other spirit attachments Learn the symptoms of dark entity influences Witness how assessments are done through muscle testing Learn about two safe methods of clearing entities if you're not a light worker Learn how to minimize your risk for entity influence Get a jug of water ready because we'll be creating a clearing spray for you!
Are you told you are too sensitive, too emotional? Do you have unexplained moods? In this class you are able to gain an understanding of why this happens and what you can do about it. You will also learn two powerful tools to heal hurts from the past as well as participate in a powerful healing meditation. Time for questions is also a part of this session.
The Ultimate 1-Hour Webinar Live from Melbourne for the Success-Oriented Professionals BREAKTHROUGH, FEARS, MINDSET BLOCKS, HABITS AND SAY YES TO YOUR FULL CAREER POTENTIAL What Will I Learn? Identify your true career and life callings Improve your self-awareness and design your personal vision and mission Use the power of your focus to breakthrough your career mindset blocks How to tap into empowering beliefs to maximize your results Application of language models for effective communication at workplace 5 Step S.M.A.R.T planning system to consistently achieve great results Design your personal career transformation plan
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Saint-Germain is an ascended master who teaches esoteric wisdom, sacred geometry and alchemy principles to those seeking greater spiritual understanding and growth. He works closely with lightworkers (individuals whose purpose it is to raise consciousness and spread light, love and healing on earth) to assist in illuminating the love and joy that exists within and multiplying that by thousands, to create a sacred geometric sphere around our planet. The purpose of this is to create harmony and peace around the globe - something that we need most during this tragic time. During our time together, Saint-Germain and his energy will come through this channeled meditation for global and individual healing alike.
Based on the information of The Universal Calibration Lattice, your personal connection with the Universe, we will have a look on how your energy is interacting with the energy of the others in your Universe. Is it possible to change your partner? Your mother in Law? We might have given it a try or two. But if we uncover the energy dynamics and transform what is no longer useful and invest the energy helping the relationship, shift happens. Come and discover how we can do just that.
Join Beth for this free lecture in November ~ De-Mystifying Mediumship Beth will take you through her journey of understanding spirit communication, how it came to be and how it works for her. A guided meditation will be included in this session.
This is an introductory class for Brad Young. In this class you will create your personal calm place and practice using it for self soothing. This class will be great for those who want a practical tool for stress relief and a clearer understanding of the mind-body connection. The method being used is a good starting place for those who have difficulty with typical meditation techniques.You will also get a chance to find out more about the upcoming classes and the certification program Brad will be offering in the near future.
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Whether it's in relationships, business, or your personal life, 2016 promises to be a breakthrough year --- if we know how to make maximum use of the openings it offers us. The pattern that we have been dealing with for the past three years has shifted, and the new one gives us an easier time of moving forward before things tighten up in 2018. Learn how to use this pattern's openings and opportunities, how to overcome its pitfalls, and how each Sign is affected.
Hi everyone! This is an free introductory class that will focus on the tools we all need to more easily access our right "intuitive" brain. The classes will include 25 subjects and I will have a new class once a month. The classes are interactive and you'll have homework to do which is fun and easy. At the end of this class I will give 5 of you a reading and I'll select the 5 randomly. I will also do this at the end of every class I teach. You can ask me one question and I'll give you insight and predictions. The fee for each class will be very affordable and we're going t have a lot of fun learning together. I have over 44 years experience with my work and I get great results.
Free 30 min video intro. Ask me for a private session on this topic. Hands-on, your two hands as a model of Creation and Soul and Above. Am I my physical "meat body" or am I an eternal-immortal soul? Could I be BOTH? Which direction is my Home Office? What is "Soul and Above"? Spiritual Geography, maps of Creation and above, comes from the literature of Light & Sound groups, spiritual groups aware of the Sound Curent. If everything within our Light Body is 100% of our psyche, our physical body is perhaps 10% of this. What makes us human is not primarily our physical body but the invisible 90%. The healthy function of five invisible, mostly unconscious, higher-frequency bodies, above our physical body, allow us to express truly human values: - Our imaginal body, - Our emotional body, - Our mental body, - Our memory-habit-mythological body. Soul's relationship to these lower-frequency bodies is sketched. The PACME model is shared here with additional comments and concepts useful for a modern understanding. Alternative spiritual geographies are discussed. Comments and corrections from those using the PACME model are invited. John-Roger (MSIA.org) and Michael Hayes (AwakeToLove.com), are the two most recent Western proponents willing to "go public" with what they have directly perceived of spiritual geography, in the out-of-body state. Three authoritative direct personal accounts are pointed to: Tigers Fang, 2nd ed, When Are You Coming Home? and a chapter by Michael Hayes in The Light Book. What's it good for? Unless the reader is already actively and consciously lucid dreaming or soul traveling, the more immediate use of this for most will be as map-model-tool to help locate unresolved blocks and obstacles to physical health and financial freedom. The PACME+soul model is a big step forward in clarity and precision from the older, fuzzier "body-mind-spirit" model of the 1990s. PACME+Soul is endlessly useful for all mid- and upper-level Energy Medicine methods on the Skill Ladder of Energy Medicine methods. Indeed, increasing Energy Medicine activity is likely what is pushing the PACME model into wider awareness. This is an early book in the Best Practice in Energy Medicine series. More topics like this at http://www.HealingToolbox.org Intuitive Healing Coach, Bruce Dickson, has an author page here: http://www.amazon.com/Bruce-Dickson-MSS/e/B007SNVG46 He supports people with Health Intuitive sessions by phone-Skype, initial gift sessions on request.
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There is an awakening. It is said by many to be a voice without. It is something that will occur and be seen in the physical world. How we live will determine whether we become a part of or separate from it. Will it come through the morning, day or cusp of the night? Is it marked into our calendars of the year? Why did time control when it was to happen? Was it waiting for the right timing? Did it exist eternally or arrive in a day? Have I been living life with rose-colored glasses? These questions were a conscious concern and at the top of my list. It came about in a manner described as a spiritual calling. An experience I dare not put forth into words, until now.
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