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Cathcart Institute has launched an online learning academy called the "eLearning Suite" and the first course is now available for only $99 a month, full access. This webinar is to show you how to use the eLearning Suite to increase sales and sales confidence in your team. You get to speak directly with the author/creator Jim Cathcart about all 12 classes and the suite of learning materials.
How do you make people love you when you�re looking for a job, trying to get a raise or promotion, or trying to build your business? This workshop will help you whip your elevator pitch into shape. Perfect Your Personal Pitch, a high-impact, hands-on session, was developed in conjunction with Harvard Business School and the Forte Foundation. This workshop provides concrete, actionable strategies to help tell a powerful and compelling story about who you are and what you want to do next with your career (destination); why you are uniquely qualified for a specific role (back story) and how your goals and background align to make perfect sense (connecting the dots).
This classroom is a LIVE Information and Q&A Session for Prospects and Students of the Get A Klu Coaches Training which starts the first week of April and continues for 15 consecutive weeks with 90 minute online sessions each week. Enrolled Learners will also receive 12 Private one-on-one Coaching Sessions with a Head Coach in addition to any "accountability partnerships" formed with other learners in the training. Learners may elect a learning path to an Independent Coaching Contract with Get A Klu or may simply take the information to incorporate into their own practice or career. There is no obligation to work with/for Get A Klu upon completion of this training. OBJECTIVES: The primary objectives of this course are to introduce you to a wide variety of coaching outcomes, strategies, techniques, tools, scripts and formats that will empower you as a “change agent” for anyone that gives you permission to be their coach (Manager, Supervisor, Director, Team Leader, etc.)! In very broad brush strokes, upon completion of this coaching and leadership training, learners will be able to: • Deliver “breakthrough” perspectives and unquestionable “value” for anyone in a single coaching session! • Give immediate and viable strategic problem-solving solutions to any client for any key life or small business result area! • Diagnose needs, replace limiting with empowering beliefs, and create lasting transformation for any client! • Simultaneously hold someone powerfully AND gracefully (keeping rapport) accountable to their commitments! • Condition and strengthen a client’s level of integrity (command of self, calendar, and word)! • Assist ANYONE in the process of goal-setting, strategic decision making, effective time management and work-life balance! ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES FOR "HONORS" (GAK Coaching Contract Track) STUDENTS: • Be able to enroll prospects into coaching programs • Be able to perform Behavioral Assessment Debriefs (DISC & Values) • Be able to deliver effective "Motivational and Accountability" Coaching • Be able to generate leads/identify prospects of Coaching • Be able to build a Coaching "practice" (calendar full of paying clients)
Sonali Sadequee
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jan 15, 2012 at 07:45 pm EST
You will learn to understand your body and life by learning the language of your body's cravings. You will learn what your body truly needs when you crave certain foods such as ice-cream, chocolate, cheese, bread, potato chips, etc. Sonali will lead a discussion on the ten ways to transform your relationship to cravings and how to pro-actively nourish yourself and meet your nutritional needs for the long-haul rather than simply satisfying your cravings.
Hemalayaa Behl
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Recorded: Jan 15, 2012 at 02:00 pm EST
Awaken your spiritual power through a Bollywood Vinyasa practice, which combines vinyasa flow yoga with elements of Bollywood and Bhangra Dance. Bollywood vinyasa is inspired by the exuberant, bold and expressive moves seen in Indian films. This class infuses various vedic practices such as chanting mantras combined with classical and folk Indian dances, and yoga. Connect your inner self with your outer body while joy and radiance flow through you in a creatively linked series of yoga asanas and dances that ultimately culminate in bliss.