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Join me in a guided Healing Light Energy Meditation to raise the frequency, charge the DNA and send energy to any condition in need of healing. Feeling and channeling energy through the body in connection to the higher sources of healing through the Spiritual Consciousness
First Class: Basics of the Cleanse Second Class: More info on how fasting helps your health, and a discussion on your gut and bacteria. Third Class: Other cleanses, and ways to fast and their effects! Plus sample meditation. Learn all about the master cleanse! What is it, why do it, and what is all the hype around it? Christine will talk to you about both the healing aspects of the master cleanse, and the spiritual. The master cleanse has been hi-jacked by fad dieters, when in fact, it is a fast that helps one prepare for deep meditation and cleanses the body of toxins. Learn safe ways to do the master cleanse including common sense practices. If you like, sign up for the master cleanse support group happening as a way to usher in the Spring with gusto! Be forewarned, the master cleanse can create big changes in body, mind, and spirit; so if you're looking for a way to kick off 2016 right, it might just be the ticket!
Your body is a powerful gateway to shift into mindful living. Join yoga and meditation teacher Cara Bradley for this free moving meditation and discover how to synchronize your mind and body through breath, rhythm, movement, and stillness. Learn simple strategies to harmonize your brain waves, heart rate, and nervous system and how moving meditation elicits a sense of mental clarity, emotional stability, and physical vitality. In this 45-minute class you will: * Calm your nervous system with invigorating dynamic movement * Settle your mind with deepen rhythmic breathing * Dissolve mental, emotional, and physical tension with restorative poses * Connect with your body and senses with a settling body scan * Experience your natural state of clarity and openness with seated meditation
If you ask yourself what lead you to sign up for this this course I believe your spirit guides have lead you to this experience so you can enjoy the feeling of more happiness, joy, love and balance in your life. You'll learn about energy and your potential to program the flow by using your innate psychic abilities. Also about how to protect yourself and be in charge of the energy, Like psychic martial arts. You'll also learn some new ways to meditate and what tools you can use to access the source energy for answers to your questions about life and your purpose in this life. And creating your sacred space where you can go and rely on a pure connection to your higher self, to source energy, and to a place of compassion and love for yourself first. The ultimate goal is to live from this place of love and compassion everyday and make decisions and choices with confidence so you can live a more empowered life.
Soul Drawing with your Angels In this class we will be drawing, making marks, having fun and connecting with your Angels and unseen guides and helpers. This is a continuation of last weeks Introduction class. This is a great way to begin to open up to your Angels, unlock hidden talents, and learn to trust your intuition. We will be using chanting, and guided meditation to expand our consciousness before connecting to the art materials. No art experience is necessary. Supplies need: Pen, pencil, marker and/or crayons (some kind of utensil to make marks on the paper) Its is great to have color to work with during these exercises we will be doing! Paper (can be as simple as copy paper, or as nice as drawing paper, you may want to just buy a sketch book to keep all your drawings in) Please always have water on hand. Be in a space where you can relax and have complete focus in the present moment. Remember this is your time, your time to connect with your Higher Self, Your Angel Team, and the Angelic Realm.
We will be looking at various tools to help you get your own answers How to use and create your own pendulum http://www.crystaltiger.com/sa02003.htm 2) Divining rod's and how they work http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Dowsing-or-Divining-Rods 3) Using muscle testing to get answers angelguides.com/how-to-muscle-test-yourself/ http://www.synergistickinesiology.com/what_is_kinesiology.html 4) Ideomotor response Of or relating to an unconscious or involuntary bodily movement made in response to a thought or idea rather than to a sensory stimulus.Using Angel cards. 5) Angel oracle cards http://www.angeltherapy.com/oracle-cards