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As we collectively are experiencing unprecedented uncertainty and stress, our mental & physical wellbeing are greatly impacted. Chronic stress depletes our immune system's ability to fight off illness and heal. Stress also bi-directionally impacts our mood and can create dysregulation in our nervous systems. In this educational session, you will learn empowering evidence-based, trauma-informed, Integrative Medicine strategies to boost your mood, immune & nervous systems to reduce your stress and improve your overall wellbeing. The root-causes of our mood, immune & nervous system imbalances will also be shared.
The pelvic floor might not be something that the mind immediately thinks of when it comes to health and wellness, but that part of your body plays a big role! The importance of the pelvic floor is often overlooked until it is not working correctly. While pelvic muscles are hidden from view, they can be consciously controlled and therefore trained. Here are some reasons why the pelvic floor muscles might loosen: Pregnancy and childbirth Straining while on the toilet Chronic coughing Heavy lifting High impact exercise Age Obesity Whether or not you've experienced the effects of a weakened pelvic floor, we're all aging, so you'll want to start training these muscles no matter what! Strengthening pelvic health is key to the prevention of incontinence later on. In fact, all women over the age of 30 should be protective of their pelvic floor muscles. In this class you will learn about the importance of the pelvic floor, how to locate yours, and exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles.
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Have a Hula-Hoop? Join in for a blend of performance practice and holistic health with your hoop! We begin with a Hoop/Yoga warmup, opening the joints, loosening the muscles, and activating the life-force energy flow throughout the whole being. Next we dive into the basics motions necessary for beginners hula-hooping - from on body tricks, to off body tech and flow. Regardless of where you'd like to take your flow arts, I will help you get more in touch with yourself through this practice. Not only does hooping bring out your inner child, reconnecting you to blissful freedom, it provides the means necessary to stay physically fit, and non-physically by balancing the hemispheres of the brain and encouraging creative energy flow. After this class, I encourage you to consider where you'd like to go with your flow. Are you doing it just to play, to cultivate more fun in your life? Are you using it as an athletic outlet? An expressive outlet? Want to make performing a career? Perhaps fire dancing? These are all things we can look into together, for I am doing it all and driving around the world sharing it! Either way, I am excited to be involved in your ever expansive growth. Keep growing, Keep flowing, Keep glowing, with effervescent ease, Catherine Rutan-Hart
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I, Christia will allow members of the Star Soul Family of Light to speak directly through me to you. This means my voice can or may change as the Light Beings flow through her. Participants have said they can feel the presence of the Light Beings as they come through. During this session, The Divine Mother Collective will come through with messages. These messages can contain Universal and Personal information. Some examples of who may come through are Quan Yin, Great Grandmother Dragon, and Ancient Angel from Lemuria. You may ask questions by typing in chat. All sessions are recorded, and you can purchase the recording anytime to watch. The healing frequencies, sound light codes, and divine messages are timeless. Some individuals love buying the recording to watch at their leisure, instead of watching tv, they take one of my recordings. I look forward to you joining us live or in your own time with a recording. Blessings!
Liz Chier
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Recorded: Nov 12, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT
Students will learn techniques and patterning of muscle groups in a Pilates Mat class format. Expect detailed instructions of where to feel muscle activation and how to perform many of the Pilates exercises in a layered teaching technique. Exercises will be taught both standing and on the mat. Have a mat and bath sized towel ready.
As we make our way into the late Summer we celebrate the first harvest of our labors. This is a celebration circle to remember everything we've accomplished so far this year. Deep journaling exercises, meditations and vision journeys galore! I can't wait to connect. Many blessings, Kris
Plot out Your First Book/eBook and just start writing! How to get started writing that book you’ve always wanted to get out in the world.
Create Your First Online Workshop Tips and best practices to get your first online workshop going.
Join me for a rejuvenating fantasy Vision Journey into the inner regions of your heart. We'll have a circle check in too so we can tell our stories of the season. Wishing each of you bright Solstice Blessings!
Create an email series that’s branded, helps build your email list and keeps your current subscribers engaged. Great way to leverage content that you may want to include in eBook or print form later!
Newsletter Creation, Content Ideas and Best Practices. Get your newsletter going and create offers to help build your email list.
Branding your content: Exercises to help you get more clear on your brand and then create content that reflects it.