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This class is an introduction to Healing For The Sensitive Soul which is an ongoing monthly group healing class. This class is designed for the Highly Sensitive Person, the Empath, and if you are feeling overwhelmed by life in general. During the Healing For The Sensitive Soul group healing class, Belinda Womack will provide a clear channeled message from the 12 Archangels and your Spiritual Team of Helpers followed by a powerful healing that will allow you to release any struggle, discomfort, and fear from this and past life times. Sylvia Henderson will connect with the 5th Dimensional Beings of Light and your Higher Self to clear away limiting beliefs, self-sabotage programs, and old karmic energies. Together Belinda and Sylvia will allow you to release fear, worry, anxiety and overwhelms from your energy fields, your chakras, the cells of your body, and your ancestral DNA. Belinda and Sylvia know that your heart is calling you to help others and you are a valuable precious gift here on the planet. And, your Sensitive Soul deserves all the loving support that the Angels and 5th Dimensional Beings of Light have to offer. Please join Belinda and Sylvia for this supportive teaching and healing for the Sensitive Soul.
SPIRITUAL SYMPOSIUM Beth Lynch shares from her 20 years as a medium how Spirit shows how to "see" from the eye of the Soul. Dec 7th at 7PM -­ for Soul Sense - Seeing from the "Eye" of the Soul What is soul sense? Making sense of today's world from the souls perspective. You will understand why we struggle personally, professionally and globally. Learn a new perspective on how to deal with choices, and changes in life. Become more receptive and aware of the good. Learn to recognize the positive perspective. Learn how to trust your intuition or "inner voice" is be in tune with the flow of life instead of fighting against it. Your topics and questions are welcome. Meditation/Discussion/Q&A
If you believe that being critical to yourself helps you to achieve more but you feel unhappy, then this class is for you. We'll draw lessons from psychology, Buddhism and neuroscience to learn why we beat ourselves up. We'll learn how to build a new and more loving relationship with ourselves, even if this may sound a little strange. Because self-Compassion isn't just about kindness, it's about courage; do you have the courage to build a life you truly desire?
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Living life with passion isn't about pursuing the one thing you love, it's about finding love in what you do. So stop thinking you need to find and follow one passion, and instead, start to unlock the positive passion energy that sits within you. This session will highlight the five steps you can take to truly connect with this passion. You'll walk out with a clear idea of how to unearth your best self and set out on a path towards passionate happiness.
Josette Diaz
Recorded: Jan 06, 2016 at 08:00 pm EST
Putting yourself in the position of observing your thoughts, actions and motivations can lead you down a path of healing. Learn how to be the watcher in your own life. Learn tools to assist you in allowing your thoughts to flow through your mind without judgement. Find your flow and heal the areas in your life that are holding you back from creating the life you see yourself in. Topics Covered: The Roll Concentration Plays Using Body Scan Meditation Technique BreathingTechniques Give Yourself Kindness And Compassion Bringing it all together to lead you on a path of healing.
Ditch those pesky New Year's resolutions which are usually broken before the end of January. Try a new, creative approach by learning how to set intentions that can serve you for life. Peggy Sealfon teaches clear steps for establishing your personal intentions which allow you to flourish more effortlessly and productively for years.
Welcome to the year that will wake up your intuition so you can step out as the Lighworker you were born to be. If there's something stirring inside of you, reminding you that your life is so much bigger than you've experienced so far, you're tuning into the call of your soul. Good news! Your life is about to change for the better. The energies of 2016 offer an unprecedented opportunity for psychic insights and inspired guidance. If you are prepared for these Universal energies, you're life will expand in miraculous ways. In this entertaining and enlightening event, you'll learn how to navigate the spiritual energies of 2016 so you can have divine timing for success and happiness.
Join a monthly group forum led by Spiritual Activist, Darshana Patel, to explore topics related to the elusive concept of Consciousness. Sessions are held one Monday a month beginning at 7:00pm EST. How can we alter humanity's bleak trajectory? How can I live a more fulfilled and meaningful life? Who am I? Why am I here? What is consciousness? In this series, we explore the deep questions of existence and reality, bringing to light the process for our individual and collective awakening. What is the ego? What is the divine self? How can we move away from fear and separation to love and unity? How can we create a more compassionate civilization? What is the union of science and spirituality? If you are a seeker: - Yearning for answers about life and existence, - Wanting to deepen and intensify your spiritual evolution, - Recognizing we each must change to change the world, ... then jump in and engage the surprises down the rabbit hole! This first session will explore the fundamental questions, "What is consciousness? What gives life, life?" These sessions are not based on any particular religion and are based on the belief that multiple perspectives create the whole. Sessions are designed to generate dialogue through inquiry and perspective-sharing in a context of respect and openness. We will also incorporate practices to bring more consciousness into your daily life. Darshana Patel is an Atlanta-based Energy Healer / Reiki Master and Spiritual Activist and founder of Unscripted Way. Darshana specializes in energy alignment and energetic pattern release to help adults and children attain optimal health, joy, and vitality. Her passion is helping people redefine reality through the exploration of their divine, energetic potential and abilities. To learn more about Darshana, visit her website at http://www.unscriptedway.com.