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Fern Langham
Health & Wellness > Holistic Health
Ended: Jul 07, 2014 at 02:00 pm EST
After years of struggling with a chronic candida condition which triggered food allergies, leaky gut, an autoimmune thyroid condition, adrenal fatigue, and nutrition deficiencies, I have finally healed my body and am feeling energized and alive. My passion is to EMPOWER you with the wisdom to live your healthiest life! I know how frustrating it is to go from doctor to doctor without receiving any real direction on how to HEAL the underlying symptoms causing you to feel awful. This 60-minute course will give you the tools you need to recover from Chronic Candida and Leaky Gut. During our time together, you will learn: - What causes Candida Overgrowth - 10 common Candida symptoms - How Candida overgrowth is Tested - The steps I followed to heal my gut and cure my Chronic Candida naturally - The one thing you absolutely MUST avoid if you are looking to cure Candida - My Top 10 foods to eat and avoid if you've got a case of Candida - How I knew I was in the clear - How I slowly introduced foods back in to my diet once the Candida cleared - How my holistic treatment relieved my adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto's hypothyroid symptoms - What I do now to maintain healthy flora balance and prevent future flare-ups There will be plenty of time allotted for Q&A. All participants will receive my free e-book - "Starve Candida But Don't Starve Yourself! Recipes To Clean Your Gut and Nourish Your Soul."