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Yogini, vegetarian foodie, enthusiastic (though not quite skillful) surfer, and lover of life. I make my living as a Program Manager, but I live my passion as a yoga teacher.
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Tue Apr 30 2013 at 01:45 pm EDT
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Tue Apr 30 2013 at 01:19 pm EDT
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Thursday Apr 18, 2013
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Melanie Avison is a proud, single mom of a derby dynamo who just got her drivers license. She's also a newly-credentialed yoga teacher, Institute for Integrative Nutrition student, voracious student of the world, vegetarian foodie, adventure seeker and lover of life. I had the privilege of working with Melanie last year when she came to me for some health coaching. We worked so well together, we had so much fun and she worked her butt off to make the changes she wanted and needed in her life. I have no words, really, for how much this woman has transformed her life as a result. But I don't need words, because she's going to tell you--herself. She's now currently a corporate program manager but designing a future devoted to heart work that will also pay the bills: Holistic health coach, yoga teacher, meditation guide. Join Melanie and me for an intimate and soul-filling conversation. She'll share her story about what led her me for health coaching, what she gleaned from our work and how she summoned the courage and tenacity to get where she is today!
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