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Elizabeth Lions
Career Development
Recorded: Aug 24, 2015 at 09:00 am EST
In Elizabeth's last discussion she talked about the high cost of retention and not letting your best team members walk away. To continue that thread, Elizabeth's talk on employee engagement will enlighten leaders. According to Gallup, only 30 percent of workers are engaged at work which is a loss of 550 billion lost in productivity. What is employee engagement? Why is it important? How do I get some of that good stuff? Do I need to worry about bad reviews on GlassDoor from employees? All this and more will be answered on Elizabeth talk on Learn It Live. Don't leave employee engagement to HR. Take the reins and become involved as a leader in this important concept.
Do you struggle to understand those management terms but were always afraid to ask? It can almost feel like a secret society, but this one hour session will demystify the management speak and make it crystal clear what they mean. You can then attend any business meeting confident in the knowledge that you can hold your own. We will take a really close look at Visions & Mission statements. Company values and cultures come under scrutiny and how they link to behaviour and attitude. We examine the 'Balanced Scorecard' approach to management and finally we will look at "Strategy & Tactics". By the end of this 1 hour session you will be talking like a top executive!
You spend a lifetime learning things, but when was the last time you stopped to think about how you learn? You might be surprised about how much of our natural learning ability is unwittingly damaged or suppressed by the very educational system that was designed to "teach" us. In this fascinating session Julian will reveal how to deliver "brain friendly" training that sticks, including memory techniques and sensory perception. You and your learners will absorb more and retain information far longer when you use these ideas. Julian will show you different ways to engage the human brain to create a more natural way to learn. You will gain new ways to unlock the learning potential of your people, and have fun at the same time!
Informational Interviews can be an excellent way to establish business relationships. Learn how to effectively set them up, then what questions to ask, how to listen AND get a chance to practice and get feedback.
The work of a leader is different. The skill set that made you a great individual contributor isn't enough. It's not about what you can individually accomplish, but what you can accomplish through others. And that's where the complexity begins. Success as a leader is directly related to your emotional intelligence - your self-awareness, your ability to regulate your emotions, your ability to empathize and connect with your employees. Intelligence doesn't guarantee your success as a leader, but emotional intelligence will.
Feedback is a powerful gift from others and knowing how to give and receive feedback is essential in all types of relationships. But the wrong words or approach can close minds and create resistance to the point of demotivating the listener. The listener may leave the interaction feeling misunderstood instead of hopeful and perhaps, thankful for the gift. In this session, participants will: 1) Identify key components of the feedback dialogue 2) Create a strategy for preparing for a feedback session 3) Learn tips to correct a feedback session gone awry
It is critical that each and every person on a team respond to their task, if a team member falls behind, then the entire team falls behind. What do you do when someone doesn't meet their deadline or is consistently behind in their tasks? In this session we'll review some management strategies on how to hold your team-members to account in a constructive manner.
There is no way to live a completely stress free life these days but the way we react and cope to stress can greatly improve our health. Join Katie Bressack and learn why getting our stress under control is so important and how taking care of our adrenal glands will not only improve our energy but keep us feeling and looking young.
Poor performers distract everyone. They waste management time, damage motivation of co-workers, reduce productivity, damage quality, lower customer satisfaction, and black the achievement of results. We are doing a dismal job managing poor performance : • The U.S. is wasting $105 billion annually on poor hiring and poor management • 23% of U.S. employees believe colleagues are incompetent • 68% of employee mistakes go unreported • 27% of management time is spent on poor performers or correcting their mistakes If leadership is an art and a science it requires melding the "softer" side of leadership, such as managing trust, with the "hard" side of building an effective system for results. Current leadership tools, such as the typical performance review, are failing to deliver needed results. This presentation delivers proven strategies and tools, for both the neophyte manager all the way up to the most seasoned senior executives, to facilitate either a successful turnaround of performance behaviors or a respectful “de-selection” (removal) of those employees unwilling or unable to fulfill their responsibilities. Participants will learn: • How to recognize a poor performer and take action early to save a turnaround. • Proven techniques for enrolling the full cooperation and engagement from everyone in the organization. • How to use breakthrough tools to create high levels of responsibility and effortless accountability. • The new skills leaders need to develop to compete in the knowledge economy. • How to optimize the legal protection of the organization while accelerating solutions to poor performing people.
Did you ever wonder how your boss views you? Did you ever work with a top team member and wonder why they are favored? There are traits of top performers that are common and adopting these traits could take you a long way in your career - and perhaps even to a promotion! Elizabeth explains the nuances of perception and why it's important to manage yours in the office. Elizabeth goes over the main characteristics of top performers in easy to understand language, leaving you to reflect on your perception and your performance. These are not Elizabeth's o ​pin​​i​ons of top performers, rather what executives and data has proven over the years about what works in large corporations when determining team fit, promotions and even hiring decisions. If you want to push your career into overdrive, join us for the presentation and take away tips. Elizabeth is the author of two career management books, " I Quit! Working For You Isn't Working For Me" and " Recession Proof Yourself" She has worked with clients in oil and gas, manufacturing, high tech and professional services, coaching the who's who of Corporate America and Internationally.
The Art of Negotiation is a 1-hour program that completely deconstructs the process of negotiations, and shows listeners how to think outside the box, eliminate the fear involved in negotiations, and get what they want from anyone. This session is full of funny stories, and is a hit!
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What motivates you? What are you inspired to do? Join Diane Randall, Whole Living Consultant and Wellness Educator for this insightful and informative class. She will help you explore the nitty gritty of what you can do to create real change in your life - starting the moment you leave the virtual classroom. Learn the true meaning of action, what shifts you want to make, and easy steps you can put into play, pronto.
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