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Join Dr Pam Denton for a conversation on relationships and the power to transform lives through conscious loving connection. This class is for any relationship that needs mending and healing: self healing, professional, parenting, or marriage. Pam will teach you that her same formula of Mind-Heart-Core can be used no matter what you are dealing with in relationship. The goal of all relationships is to get out of the clash of mind and emotions and settle into peace and calm into the heart so that you can connect and see things clearly. This is an amazing presentation that will advance your life and help you mend the relationships that are in need of healing.
Would you like to have less clutter - and more money? This free 1 hour webinar is for you! I'll teach you my simple process to clear out clutter and cash in on your unwanted stuff. Register even if you can't attend live - you can view the recording whenever's convenient. As a professional organizer, I’ve found that most people would be happier if they had clearer homes and bigger bank accounts. But instead, we have a nation of savers, who are afraid to throw things out, even when they most likely will never use the item ever again. The savers of the world are not only living with piles of clutter-induced stress, but they are losing the opportunity to turn those piles into cash. The problem is really simple: when it comes to clutter, people don’t act rationally. These aren’t hoarders who have serious psychological problems. These are regular people who just aren’t thinking logically when it comes to the items in their homes. In fact, they’re not thinking at all. They’re stuck. They have gotten to a point where their stuff has become a burden, a barrier, and something of a beast. In my line of work I’ve heard people describe the cluttered areas of their home as everything from, “the black hole” to “the room of shame.” Meanwhile, in this economy, everyone could use some extra cash. Wouldn't you like to pay off credit card debt, build a better wardrobe, enjoy more entertainment, treat your family - and yourself - to some splurges. Why not? You work hard; you deserve to be able to afford a massage here and there, a new flat screen T.V. to watch the games on or a fabulous vacation. So why are most people sitting at home, surrounded by never-ending piles of half-used stuff and stacks of unpaid bills, wishing they had the means to live an even slightly better life? What if that “room of shame” was actually an ATM in disguise? Find out the truth about how to clear out clutter and turn your "trash" to cash by joining my free hour long session!
Are you experiencing financial stress? In this class, I'll be sharing tips from my transformative journaling system for gaining awareness of your financial stories and beliefs that hold you back and cause you more stress. I'll share over 20 journaling prompts you can use to immediately begin to shift your feelings, beliefs and actions with money and experience greater financial peace of mind. Look forward to connecting with you in the class!
Do you feel stuck in compulsive worry, sadness or frustration? Ever feel like you want to change, but aren't sure how? Join me for this course, and I'll share with you ways to get unstuck through transformative journaling. Many people use journaling to vent feelings or record daily events, but journaling can be much more powerful, and in the course you will learn creative ways to use writing to let go of old stories, get unstuck and move towards a life of emotional freedom and fulfillment. Learn the 4 stages of transformative journaling, and journaling prompts for each stage.
Coaches and Youth Professionals. Are you ready to increase your impact and influence your clients? Learn how to understand teen behaviour so you change it more quickly and effectively. Join leading Youth Coach Sarah Newton in this valuable content-rich FREE webinar. In this webinar you will learn: 1. How to quickly identify whether your young client is right for coaching, so you get the best results every time. 2. How to quickly understand why a teen is behaving the way they are and work effectively with them to change behaviour. 3. Identify what is most important to your young client so you can get results quicker. 3. How to work with teenagers to encourage more positive behaviour. You are going to love this webinar, especially if you: 1.Have struggled to get the results you want with your young clients. 2.Have struggled to get young people fully engaged in the process of coaching. 3.Really want to help young people, but have had difficulty in the past changing behaviour, or are at your wits end trying to understand why they are behaving that way. I look forward to supporting you in your quest to reach more youth.
Sarah Newton
Recorded: Jun 18, 2012 at 01:00 pm EDT
For frustrated, exhausted Parents of Teenagers who feel they are doing this all alone. Learn how to take charge of your home, improve your relationship with your teenager and stop all the arguing and bickering. During this practical on-line training you will discover: 1.The biggest parenting mistake you are making and how to stop it 2.How to end the never-ending cycle of disagreements, arguing and endless repetition. 3.How to encourage your teen to take responsibility and start doing things without you having to nag. Some simple strategies that can make your home feel less like a war zone. Join TV star and author Sarah Newton as she shares with you the top three things that you need to know to make living with your teen easier. You are going to love this training, especially if you... 1.Want to instil a sense of respect back into your home. 2.Want to learn how to talk to your teen so that they will listen. 3.Remove tension and build a harmonious, peaceful family unit.