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Join Psychic Medium, Dallisa Hocking, and Astrologer, Nura Rachelle, for their biggest, juiciest predictions for this year. Some of the topics they'll discuss will be: *What key dates to have on your calendar, and what to expect from those energies. *The future for the USA and World -- Are we headed towards war? *Money and Supplies -- What should you have on hand? *When will the energy shift -- When will the divisiveness stop? *And, so much more! Join Dallisa and Nura for this incredible opportunity! ABOUT DALLISA: CEO of Spirit & Spark® and Worthy + Rise™ 5th Generation Psychic Medium Transformation Coach Intuitive Business Consultant Media Producer & Host Before she became a nationally recognized Psychic Medium and Transformation Coach, Dallisa led a very different life as an executive in the casino industry in Las Vegas. She has made matters of the heart, living authentically and teaching people how to elevate their own joy, her core mission. In 2017 she founded ""Spirit & Spark,"" a now nation-wide company devoted to connecting individuals and groups with top spiritual and wellness service providers. Dallisa has trained with industry superstars such as Tony Robbins, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Raymond Moody. She received her psychic gifts from her grandmother (Eloise) and great-great grandmother (Bell). Dallisa has also had the privilege of working on missing persons, mysterious deaths and cold cases, providing loved ones with information and closure. She also produced, directed and starred in her own Las Vegas stage show, “Psychics & Spirits” at the haunted Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel. She has a unique way of seeing through layers of energy to get to the root of the fear, scarcity mindset and self-sabotaging beliefs. She acts as a powerful guide for those seeking to deeply transform from their old way of being. Her certifications include: Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader, Lee Harris’ Energy Mastery, Hollister Rand and John Holland’s Mediumship Courses, the Richard Knight Tarot Academy, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making Certification, and a Women’s Entrepreneurship Certificate from Cornell University. She specializes in using both her spiritual gifts and intuitive coaching principals to guide individuals through significant life transformations. ABOUT NURA: Her astrology lineage is a mixture of traditional Western Tropical Astrology, Hellenistic, evolutionary, esoteric and intuitive. She blends knowledge from the Yogic Sciences and Herbalism in her consultation work.
The Love and Light Lounge is an online gathering place where students and educators from all over the globe can connect and share… a place to connect with other like minded souls, to shine your light, laugh, and discuss the wonderful concepts and lessons you’ve learned in class. The Love and Light Lounge is a place of high vibes and inspiration and a place where you can spend time with friends, other students, and The Center for Love and Light educators! Access to the Love and Light Lounge is free and requires only logging in to the Online Center.
Lauren Ivy
Spirituality > Energy Work
Ended: May 04, 2021 at 12:30 pm EST
Your strategy is the way you are meant to engage with the world, how to best exchange energy with people, ideas, opportunities. In this 30 minute session, we will dive into the 4 different strategies so you can learn how to get what you want without struggle, minimizing wasted energy and negative thoughts. Bring your Bodygraph to know your specific strategy.
I'd love to invite you to this free webinar to learn about a fascinating system: Human Design. Human Design is a synthesis of several wisdom systems: astrology, the iChing, the Kabbalah, the Chakra System, our genetic information and quantum physics. Each of these separately holds information and a piece of the puzzle that can give us insight; put together it gives us the overview and depth of your life: your personal Life Blueprint. Join me in this webinar to learn how Human Design brings you more understanding and compassion towards yourself and more flow in your life. It’s like having confirmation and validation reflecting back at you from your star chart. It shows you why there are certain things you’ve always struggled with and gives you the permission to let go of them because you’re simply not designed that way. Ultimately it’s about being kinder to yourself, to love yourself and live a life aligned with your purpose, your own Design. You will have the opportunity to receive your own Human Design chart and learn how you can apply the information directly into your life.
Nadya Andreeva
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jun 13, 2013 at 09:30 pm EST
Ancient Wisdom For Vibrant Health — Actionable Tips For A Better Life! In this class you will learn about… Planetary energies: learn how your Vedic planetary type affects your mind and body & quick tips on how to work with it for optimal mental and physical health Freeing yourself up from negative thought patterns---learn how Vedic Astrology defines cycles of time and what to do during the dark cycle Affirming your sense of purpose/direction and why it is the most important pillar in your foundation of a strong and healthy self. The Nurturing Moon: learn how it effects your digestion and hormones and how your mind and body can benefit from following it every month! Q & A: at the end of the class to ask questions about how Vedic Astrology works and/or how to use it to benefit your health and well-being. There will be generous surprises for everyone at the end of the class so make sure you join live. However, if you can’t make it live, the class will be recorded.