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Once you land the job, it’s vital to stand out, add value to your company, and put yourself in a position to get promoted, earn a raise, and be seen as a leader. This course gives professionals the tools to be stars at work and provides best-in-class, on-the-job training to impress colleagues, clients and bosses alike. Overview of Class: - Ask for and get the help you need (and sound smart all the while). - Ask for feedback – Get concrete, actionable feedback to make you better at your job. - Manage expectations – Say no and still come out ahead - Raise a red flag – See a problem coming down the pipeline? Raise the issue early and manage the crisis.
There are hundreds of competitors going after the same position and everyone is desperately looking for any edge to landing the job. The top professionals are asking for another level of preparation to accompany their degree. Jodi Glickman understands this need and can add significant value to any professional’s candidacy. The biggest colleges and banks hire her, Citi, Merrill, Cornell, Harvard, and many others, because she knows the secret to success. When you get people to love you, they’ll feel like they can’t live without you and you get what you want. Overview of Class: Perfecting Your Personal Pitch - Who are you and why should they give you this job? Interview strategy – Make Them Love You - If they love you, they will hire you - Destination, Back Story, Connect the Dots - Understanding Your Audience - Different Person / Different Pitch
Jodi Glickman
Career Development > Career Development
Recorded: May 21, 2012 at 03:00 pm EST
Once you land the job, it’s vital to stand out, not only to add value to the company but also to put yourself in position to get promoted, get a raise, and be seen as a leader. Jodi knows how to make professionals look like stars at work. She is a leader in the career advice industry and knows how to provide enhanced on-the-job training to impress today’s decision makers. Overview of Class: Building Blocks - Hello/Goodbye - Introducing yourself to decision makers in a way that builds a relationship, Creating forward momentum - The foolproof download – Understanding your role and how the company works - Ask for help - Learn how to ask for help without becoming a burden. The Learning Curve - Get good assignments – Get assigned great work that will show you add value, and create opportunities for you to learn from experienced members of the company. - Ask for feedback – Learn the best way to find out how you’re doing while there is plenty of time. - Manage expectations – Understand the best way to talk about your limitations without it limiting your - Performance review – Get a full assessment of your work from someone that you’ve worked closely with. Landmines - Answer a question (you don’t know the answer to) – Develop skills on how to stand out as a strategic thinker. - Raise a red flag – Understand the best way to alert managers to a potential problem. - Manage a crisis – Be a problem solver. Relationship building - Networking effectively – Lean tools to build powerful relationships with key decision makers.