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I have always been a non conformist, forever pushing the boundaries that are created to take us away from our truth in our heart and distract us from the wonders and joy that are held in our soul. I am so humbled and honoured to be gifted with the power of the seer, the Sage of lifetimes. To be the vehicle of GOD'S healing light and guidance. I combine these wonderful gifts with my acquire knowledge and lived experience to guide you to the keys to self heal and to know what is truly in your heart, to hear the ...See All


CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Master Personal trainer
Pain Trigger Therapist
Rehab Therapist
State Enrolled Nurse - Theatre Specialist

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37 years of acquired knowledge and experience combined with the gift of the SEER

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The power is yours to know. In this presentation I bring to you the ways in which you can be well, happy and calm through knowing the power of aligning your higher self with the Earth mind (c). By the end of the presentation you will be confident in know how to access your higher consciousnesses and in doing so you will find the answers to all that life brings to you, you will have a greater resilience to be able to cope with external influences on a daily basis.
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A strong heart is your foundation for a life of wellness,a calm uncluttered mind is the y to a happy harmonious life. In this class you will learn how to put easy simple practices into your daily life to build a strong foundation and clam mind. You can empower your life and feel free to be at peace through becoming aware of how well your heart is working and when there may be a need to make some changes to the way that life affects you through your reactions and perhaps lifestyle by way of what you eat, how you eat and how much you move in a day . Knowing how to help the heart to be strong will give you more peace, calmness, vitality and happiness.