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Russ Terry is a seasoned Coach and Motivational Speaker who has worked with 350+ people from companies such as Microsoft, Google, and PwC and spoken at many organizations, including NASA, United Airlines, L'Oreal, and the FBI.

Russ is also the author of a series of books on Gratitude. They are:
- My Gratitude Journal (2014)
- Our Gratitude Mission (2016)
- Our Gratitude Mission 2 (2019)
- Grateful Schools (TBD)
- Grateful Kids (TBD)

As an entrepreneur, Russ hones his Leadership skills as Founder/CEO of Life Coach ...See All

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Russ Terry
Health & Wellness
Start: Jun 09, 2020 at 05:00 pm EDT
Assess your life in 12 different aspects of health and wellness, and then articulate a robust plan for the areas you want to change. Topics include physical, mental, medical and spiritual health, and a lot more. Join Life Coach Russ Terry for this motivational and tactical workshop. You'll have validation for what you're doing well and to-do items for what you want to improve.
Russ Terry
Health & Wellness
Start: Jun 29, 2020 at 06:00 pm EDT
In this "Introduction to the Powers of Coaching" workshop, you'll assess your life in 18 areas and then go through exercises to come up with a plan to make changes in your area(s) of focus. It's inspirational, motivational AND tactical! You'll also put an accountability plan in place to make sure the words you speak in this workshop happen!
Take an in-depth look at ALL your relationships (intimate, work, friends, family, etc.). You'll articulate your criteria for positive, supportive relationships and then assess key people in your life and how they stack up. You will walk away with goals on cultivating more of the good (and less of the bad). Also, most if not all of us have people in our lives who stress us out - a boss, coworkers, relatives, so-called friends, etc. Often, we feel as if we don't have a choice in how to handle the situation and reduce or eliminate that unhealthy stress that they cause us. In this workshop, Life Coach Russ Terry will walk you through the 5 options you do have. You'll leave feeling empowered - and better!