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Kate Rose is a Holistic Empath & Intuitive Healer, the creator of Functional Empathy Somatics & The RoseAngelis Flower Essence Remedies. She has been a Flower Essence Practitioner for almost 50 years. Kate Rose is a Tragerwork Master Teacher, having taught Tragerwork internationally for over 35 years throughout Europe, the U.S and the Middle East. Kate is an Equine Empath. Her work includes healing Humans, Horses and the Earth. Her highly developed skills as an Empath, allow her to connect directly with each person or animal and experience multiple levels of consciousness. She is able to perceive the emotional & energy fields and translate feelings into a language unique to each and every being she interacts with. She is a joyful teacher, focused on empowerment, choice and healing. She often says that she hears a song in every being, and she understands how to create balance and harmony in a system that has forgotten its own wholeness.